Jan 6, 2009

How To Define A Living Room Layout

Area rugs bring furniture groupings together, add accent, deaden noise and act as partitions. When used correctly, they draw all the elements of a room together - pulling pictures, curtains, and furniture into the central color scheme.

Area rugs used in the living room to draw together conversational furniture groupings should be large enough to outline the groups. Each piece of furniture should be set at least partially on the rug. For example, an area rug that you place in front of a sofa should be as long as the sofa or longer. Each furniture group should fit comfortably on the rug. If not, it will resemble a placemat.

Faux fur and flokati area rugs add glamour to the living room, and they can be washed gently and brushed when dry. Their soft, deep pile contrasts superbly with hard and shiny surfaces. They also add texture to a room without causing angst to any fluid lines.

In the image above, the swirling lines of the faux fur rug and the wallpaper are complemented by the round shapes of the table, chairs, and lamp base. The dominant colors are black, white and wood tones. Colors would seem drab if it weren't for the ripe red wallpaper, sofa and accessories. Pattern provides transitional lines between shapes and ties important colors together, resulting in an engaging and sophisticated room.

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