6 Different Ways to Tie a Shoe

  • Classic crisscross - outside, inside, outside and tighten from the bottom
  • Combination crisscross - an easier version of the classic. Outside, outside, outside and tighten by pulling laces.

  • Spaced crisscross - X-pattern eyelets in the center.
  • Horizontal lacing - Bring one end straight up to the top of the eyelet, lacing the other end in the desired effect.

  • Zigzag - one end straight up to top of eyelet, but other end laces in a crisscross pattern.
  • Horizontal underlacing - outside down, inside up across, outside down.

  • Experiment on shoes or boots with any number of eyelets. Hint --> combat boots are fun.
  • Pull laces up so the longer end is on the right. When you tie your bow, twist the longer end twice around the first loop before pulling it through.
  • Cotton laces tie better.

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