Jul 23, 2009

Design Lover: Pyrex 775X Flameware Coffee Percolator

vintage percolator coffee maker image Stacy Reynaud

Designed in 1952, the Pyrex 775X series of Flameware coffee percolators are an American mid-century icon. The percolators are made of glass and stainless steel and come in various sizes. The 775X percolator consists of a glass pot, glass cover, glass pump spindle tube, aluminum basket bottom and cover, and glass inner basket. A simple, beautiful and useful piece of design. Pictured above is my coveted 7759 B that I picked up at a charity shop in mint condition for $30. Don't be afraid to use your vintage Flameware percolator when you find it. **Note - your coffee will need to be ground extra coarse.

How long do you think it will take before Philippe Stark comes out with his version?

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