Tricks to Improve Your Walk

Next time you walk by a window take a glance at your reflection. What do you see?
The way you carry yourself commands as much attention, if not more, as your presentation. Good posture will make you look more confident, it will gain you admiration and respect and your clothes will look better. Someone with droopy shoulders and their chin to their chest while walking does not present a confident, stable individual.

Tricks to improve your posture and your walk:
  1. Walk around your home with a book on your head. After doing it long enough you'll begin to feel an imaginary book there.
  2. Imagine you are tucking your shoulder blades into your back pockets when you're walking or sitting. Don't be surprised if your collarbone cracks, that's good. You'll not only feel your breathing getting better as your chest rises but you'll also notice your stomach tightening. With clearer breathing comes relaxation. Take a deep breath through your nose and one more quick one when you think you can't breathe in anymore. Feel your chest expand and slowly let it out while counting to ten. You shouldn't finish before you reach ten.
  3. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your weight evenly balanced. Picture a big balloon poised over your head. The balloon is attached by strings just behind your ears. As the balloon begins to float upward it lifts your head raises your chin, pushes your shoulders back, tightens your stomach and draws your butt in.
  4. Imagine your mother repeating, in a stern voice, 'Shoulders back, stomach in, chest out' as you feel yourself slumping.
Practice either, or both, of these two famous walks at home and try them out next time you have to walk across a crowded room. It'll make you smile inside.