How to Wear Cuff Links

I recently had an interview with a gentleman who was wearing cuff links. He was fifteen minutes late but when I saw his cuff links my irritation waned. Cuff links are the epitome of male elegance.

I also find them a statement of individuality and confidence. It is known that a well dressed man can never have too many cuff links.

There are general rules for wearing cuff links:
  • bright stones, black pearls and diamonds are worn in the evening.
  • dull natural stones such as turquoise, onyx, or tigers eye are worn for day
  • simple gold and silver links are suitable for both - except for black tie when you choose from your evening sets.
  • they should match what you're wearing.
  • gold cuff links made to look like rough nuggets can appear expensive yet casual. See those by David Yurman.

Large links can look gaudy if worn the wrong way. If your links are large, go for an outfit that is simple to prevent yourself from looking like Ralph Furley. Cuff links are a great conversation starter among both sexes.

When do you wear cuff links?
Whenever you want to.

Where do you wear cuff links?
Wherever you want to.

Where do you find them?
The best cuff links are in vintage or antique shops.