10 Super Home Offices and Work Spaces

Even if all you do is email, it's beneficial to have a space designated in your home to give you privacy. If you have everything you need already organized and on hand, the risk of losing your concentration will be kept to a minimum.

Storage is essential. Tidy or messy - make sure your stuff is easily accessible and organized - in your own special way. A regular chest of drawers found at a thrift store and painted up works just fine as a filing cabinet. The photo on the right © Lynne's_Lens

No matter if you have space under the stairs or addition of your own, your space should be comfortable and a reflection of you.

Good light is essential. Daylight, whether a skylight or high window, lets in a cool, even work light. The white walls reflect the light and the warm wood tones.

Rugs help to muffle sound, they're comfortable to sit on, and they add some warmth and definition to space.

Whether you're in your study or your workshop, make sure everything you need is at arm's reach. Top photo courtesy Perry the Birman.

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