How to Dress to Look Slim

If you want to dress to look slimmer stay away from these:

1. bold patterns - plaid, paisley, large glen check
2. bulky fabric - flannel, tweed, corduroy, velvet
3. contrasting vest
4. double breasted jacket
5. horizontal lines
6. pocket flaps
7. wide spread collar or lapels
8. bulky clothes = bulky you
9. cuffed trousers
10. long jacket
11. chunky shoes
12. hair that is full on the sides

horizontal stripes add girth, tweed adds bulk, double breasted jackets widen

widespread lapels, collar and a pocket square pointing outward leads the eye outward, cuffed trousers stouten, contrasting vest accents the mid section

pocket flaps add bulk to the wrong sections, long jackets shorten, bold prints, like glen check, magnify

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