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because you're simply mahvelous

Those of you that follow my blog - and might I mention you're mahvelous - may know I'm going through a mood and am clearing out basically everything I own. I've received some wonderful encouragement from you and I thank you - Harbourmaster, Emily and those that emailed.

I mentioned in a recent comment that I was going to sell my entire vintage collection. Well, because you're so mahvelous I've decided to save some and offer it up to you through online contests/giveaways (sorry don't know the proper marketing jargon) throughout the rest of the year.

I'm moving this week so keep your eyes posted I may have time to upload one in the next few days.

Thank you again for your encouragement.


How to Tie a Bow Tie

Thanks to Teen Wolf for helping out.

Quote of the Week - Jean Paul Gaultier

It's always the badly dressed people that are the most interesting.Jean Paul Gaultier

You know you have

stacy reynaud

... too much stuff when you unload your storage unit only to fill your entire apartment that you've already emptied once. This is from our sale on Saturday.

I'm in a mood - lucky you!


That's it. I'm out of here.
Saturday 1 - 3 pm

pics of the extravaganza hopefully will follow

Vintage Schiaparelli


9 Top Credenzas

You may remember me mentioning that we've lost about 95% of our furniture this month.
The low teak dresser in the first photo below is what we used for a credenza in our living room. My father and I refinished it two summers ago and I'd just completed giving it a once over after our hot summer. We used to put our television and West German pottery on it.

My task in the coming months is to find replacements. Below are nine credenzas that are tickling my fancy at the moment.

Our old teak credenza/dresser
This one is doing it for me the most.

Style Inspiration - Pierre Clémenti

Pierre Clémenti - Actor
1942 - 1999

Quote of the Week - Diana Vreeland

Elegance is refusal. Diana Vreeland

Interior Design Show West 2009

Last night my husband and I went on a 'double date' with Rockelle and her spouse. It was fantastic to get out after being trapped for nine nights by my psyche, an uninhabitable apartment and a hotel room designed around polyester hues of sage and Tuscan sun. After sushi at Kaide we headed down to IDS West, which, after losing 95% of our furniture in the last ten days, was highly anticipated.
Design shows in Vancouver = superior craftsmanship (particularly woodworking), the environment, pastels, and clean lines.

stacy reynaud

Kurt Dexel fresh off the pages of October's DWELL.
The table would go perfect in our new place.

BoConcepts 'side table'. I call it a cat bed.

Rockelle's pics of the show.
She left with a Dyson cat hair picker upper.

FRAME commissioned a booth from Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Interior Design Program.
stacy reynaud

The work of Oregon's Christopher Marley

stacy reynaud

Designing Inside the Box

Designing Inside the Box

Brent Comber


Vintage Yves Saint Laurent


Design Lover: The Camel Stool

rosewood and blue leather

Reminiscent of the work of Brazilian designer Jean Gillon, this particular camel stool was offered up for auction in 2006. You can buy a similar piece here.

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The Smoking Slipper vs The Evening Pump

(l) Cecil Beaton in black patent leather evening pumps
(r) David Niven in velvet moccasins

So, which is it?

The velvet smoking slipper, originally designed for the Victorian gentleman's smoking room, has stepped out from the chamber and onto the Fall Winter 2009 runway. In my part of the world smoking rooms have returned. Smoking slippers and denim perhaps.

Dolce & Gabbana velvet and grosgrain moccasins
Buy them here.

The black patent leather evening pump, sometimes referred to as the opera pump, was once reserved for black tie affairs and silk socks, yet, like the velvet smoking slipper it's sashayed its way onto the Fall Winter 2009 runway.

Both the opera pump and the smoking slipper were en vogue in the 1930s. During the Great Depression men took the shoes and paired them with more casual attire, a sentiment to the dire economic situation of the time.

Fashion repeats itself.

Tom Ford black patent leather evening pump
For stockists

A great history of the gentlemen's smoking co…

Quote of the Week - Epictetus

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.Epictetus

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Arsenic and Black Lace

Susan Ann Sulley of Human League, Ava Gardner in Christian Dior, Exene Cervenka of X
This post has nothing to do with arsenic other than the fact I couldn't think of a title so I played on words of the black comedy Arsenic and Old Lace. Although, some black lace could be potentially fatal if worn correctly.

Most commonly associated with elegance and seduction, Christian Dior warned of its potential to appear elderly if worn after a certain age.

When it comes to lace I take mine black.

Who's doing women in black lace for Fall Winter 2009:
Alberta Ferretti
Christian Dior
Christian Lacroix
3.1 Phillip Lim
Dolce & Gabbana
Jill Stuart
Jasmine di Milo
Jo No Fui
Kinder Aggugini
Opening Ceremony
Roksanda Ilincic
Stella McCartney
Temperley London

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Vintage Lane Furniture

Lane Vogue Fall/Winter 1970

Melancholy and the effects of AM radio

The posts have been few and far between this week as my husband, two cats and I have been displaced from our home of ten and a half years by situations beyond our control. We're all in a hotel. I'm listening to AM radio, he's at work and the cats are trying to find comfort in polyester surroundings.

Just when I think my mood is perfect sandwiched between Cat Stevens' The First Cut is Deepestand Trooper's Two for the Show I'm layered with Gordon Lightfoot's Beautifulonly to be garnished with The Stones and Paint it Black.


Makes me want to order up some Sinead O'Connor with REM sprinkles for dessert.

Pleaseenjoy Gord's Beautiful, which is actually my favourite song, below:

Beautiful - Gordon Lightfoot @ Yahoo! Video

Quote of the Week - Christian Dior

... it is by her feet that you can judge whether a woman is elegant or not.Christian Dior

Urban Decay and Abandonement

Urban exploration, sometimes referred to as abandonment exploration, is trespassing on abandoned properties to capture the architecture and beauty of decay on film.

The explorers become anthropologists. Their photos a historical record.

Each one, not only depicting what was once important to society, but also the mindset of the current generation.

All of the photos in this post are copyright of Underground Ozarks , a site I first explored in 2006. The site, like the places it chronicles, has now been abandoned.

For a breathtaking set of abandoned and decaying culture check statlerhotel's The Stonecutters on Flickr.

How to Do a High Bun Updo

How to tie a bun:
Bend over, shake your head so all your hair hangs down.Run a comb over it to smooth out any bubbles.Still bending over, grab all your hair and pull it to the top of your head.Wrap an elastic around it. Don't pull your hair through into a ponytail.Stand up straight. Gently pull as much hair as you can but don't pull it all the way through the elastic.Smooth out any bubbles.Pull through whisps you want framing your face.Gently push on the top of the hair creating a doughnut shape.Bobby pin the doughnut down around the edges.Hairspray and smooth with the palm of your hand. Pay close attention to the back.How to do a low bun: follow the same instructions but make the doughnut lower on your head.

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Parisian Folk - Joseph Leon

Last week's vintage treasures

I've been lucky enough to have my bud Rachel as the designated thrifting road star while my husband and I looked for a car. The past two treks out to the burbs have been profitable for both of us - I'll let her tell you about her vintage medical canisters. Here are some of the goods I picked up. In a later post I'll show you the goods I had to leave behind as, unfortunately, my shop is still imaginary.

© stacy reynaud

stacy reynaud

As shown:
signed Jere inspired iron wall sculpture
vintage anglepoise 75 table lamp
old growth stump table with iron base
faux broadtail shrug
vintage Tony Lama boots

Thanks again Rachellita!

Looking into your home

image © Leonard Frank

Long before the popularity of peering into the homes of artists, designers, musicians and other creatives became an online sensation (see Art Studio or The Selby), Alfred Hitchcock presented us with a mid century marvel entitled Rear Window (1954). Pick it up, the homes the photographer peers into are marvelous. There's just something about looking into another's home that's fascinating.

image © Leonard Frank

If I had the opportunity to shoot someone's home for this site it would be this one, Maison Guiette, belonging to a Belgian fashion designer whom shall remain nameless. The closest I can get to the Le Corbusier designed home right now is through photos of a model shown on Mini Modern.

image © Mini Modern

I know I take Charles Shultz's words to heart.

Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.

Give me a tour of your home! Drop me a line.