Dec 20, 2009

30 Things Every Man Should Have

  1. good wine glasses
  2. nose hair trimmers
  3. a vase
  4. a bottle of good bubbly on hand
  5. black jeans
  6. a bathing suit - in plain black
  7. a hardcover dictionary (bonus points for a thesaurus)
  8. a black suit
  9. needle and thread
  10. extra shoelaces
  11. white well tailored shirt
  12. black and brown cream shoe polish
  13. cedar shoe trees
  14. a great set of knives
  15. a blender
  16. top coat that comes below the knees
  17. a bottle of wine ready for a last minute dinner invite
  18. extra deodorant and shirt/sweater in the car, locker, or bag
  19. cuff links
  20. a big umbrella you can use like a walking stick
    unbreakable umbrella by Real Self Defense

  21. wooden hangers (including pant hangers)
  22. a belt where the prongs go through the third hole
  23. sturdy garlic crusher
  24. serving bowls that don't look like mixing bowls
  25. hand cream
  26. boxers and briefs
  27. black silk knit tie
  28. calling card on the heaviest stock - seriously stand out
  29. extra sheets
  30. a sense of humour
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