Dec 18, 2009

Not a new idea but a good idea

I started my menswear label after being continually asked (of my vintage clothing) if I, 'had another one in a different size'. <-- I know, strange question.

Being of an entrepreneurial spirit I asked myself, 'Where could I get the same vintage thing in numerous sizes and in large quantities?', and so began my label.

If you know how to upholster, have cash flow, are well connected and entrepreneurial and have the resources (me) you'll know where I'm going with this post.

old bus signs on a wing back at Atelier Abigail Ahern by DavidmetNicole

vintage sofa and 60s and 70s fabrics at Bokja

old truck tarps (think Freitag) at Bobo
vintage Union Jack flag

vintage silk scarves at Suzann Fellman

The Wind