Dec 28, 2009

Cigarette Cases - Who Knew?

Would you believe me if I told you a cigarette case sold for £612,250** at the beginning of December and it wasn't the only one to pass the six digit mark? See the story here.*

I've always loved the look of vintage cigarette paraphernalia** - ashtrays, match tins, cigar boxes, cigarette cases, lighters, holders, smoking sets, tobacco jars, smoking jackets and slippers, the list goes on. Turns out there's a resurgence of the cigarette case/tin. With cigarettes now in those ridiculous zombie mouth picture packs and credit card slim technology the cases have become highly collectible and more difficult to find.

Some of the more collectible cases are those carried by soldiers in WWI & WWII some of which have been claimed to have stopped bullets - such as the one carried on D-Day by James Doohan aka Scotty (Star Trek), sterling silver and those with historical provenance. I'd go for the sterling silver ones as they'll only go up in price.

I've assembled a few photos of cases I found on Etsy. There are more to be found if you go to my Etsy men's favourites widget on the left. As Etsy is an online shopping source remember - caveat emptor.

Mid-century sterling silver grooved case. Available on Etsy here.

Pre 1949 sterling silver case from Siam. Available on Etsy here.

English sterling silver engraved case from 1916. WWI was 1914-1918.
Available on Etsy here.

Sterling silver case available on Etsy here

Post Korean war souvenir set. There are collectors out there that specialize in 'Japanese souvenir'
Available on Etsy here.

* I believe this is the big money case here.
**For the record, I don't smoke.

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