Inspired by Paris Fashion Week - Shopping Vancouver's Vintage Market

Last week was men's fashion week in Paris. Claire at Harbourmaster (Melbourne), Dana at It's my Darlin' (Seattle) and myself (Vancouver) decided to do a last minute what's going on in our city during Paris fashion week post. Go check out Claire's post for an Australian perspective and Dana's for an American.

Sure, I'm not living in Paris but I do find inspiration in a few places in Vancouver.

I like to pop by the Vancouver Flea Market from time to time to see what's going on. My one complaint is that it's really dirty there. Most of the vendors do a good job with their merchandising and product presentation but those that don't - eck. Bring hand wipes. There's a good selection of 70s kitsch to be found - bring cash and barter.

The flea market is only open on Saturday and Sunday and don't park in the field across the street you'll get towed - like I did.

The best selection of vintage furniture is not in Vancouver, it's in New Westminster - about a 20 minute drive from downtown. There's a block of little shops down on Front St. that are a design hunter's dream. Jenny Cashin's shop, mid-century modern home has the best service, quality, selection, and inspiring staging of mid century I've experienced in my travels. I'm not a full on mid century fanatic, I simply appreciate good design and good grains and Jenny's not a design elitist, she'll gladly share her knowledge. You will not find a better selection in the Lower Mainland than at mid century modern home (609 Front St. New Westminster, 604.515.1865).

To be honest - I find my fashion inspiration in my head at Third Beach - not actually on the beach but in the grassy knoll above it. I've spent 100s possibly 1000s of hours there in the last decade visualizing inspiration for my vintage shows, creating the blueprint for a men's wear label, and simply thinking about the history of fashion and design. It's a magical space with a powerful energy and a scent all of its own.

I went there today in the rain and was inspired to find new inspiration by what is already in my closet. I went home, emptied the clothes out (what's left of them) and put them on my dress form. It felt good - I hadn't played dress up in awhile.

Moral of the story - when you're stuck for inspiration look inside yourself and see what wants to come out.

Nothing smells better than this.