Which fabrics travel best?

When you're building a wardrobe - either a men's or a women's - keep in mind that one day you may need to stuff that stuff in a suitcase.

Crepe wool has a pebbly surface. It's my personal favourite but some find it too casual.

  • lightweight crepe or worsted wool - a dark wool suit or dress in a soft cut doesn't wrinkle, camouflages stains and is comfortable. The suit trousers can be worn with a less formal shirt for Happy Hour and switching accessories can bring the dress from a.m. into p.m. Don't mix and match your wool textures.
  • cashmere - wear it on the plane as it wrinkles in luggage. Wrinkles fall out of high quality cashmere by hanging the garment in a steamy washroom. Be careful with sweaters as you don't want the hangers leaving bumps in the shoulders. Try hanging them with a pant hanger upside down instead. I bring my travel steamer with me everywhere - invest in a good quality one - they're available at retail supply stores (in Vancouver try Eddie's). Read my post on the Defamation of Cashmere so you know you're bringing the right cashmere.
  • knit tie - go for a black knit as it goes with everything, doesn't wrinkle and hides most stains.
  • hose - ladies, you never know. Better safe than sorry.

  • loafers or slip-ons - black ones go with everything and can work as casual or business depending on what you wear them with. Ladies, I'd do a black closed toe kitten heel. Remember to keep them polished. Check my Learn Video on the lower left side for a demo or click here.
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