Is it Counterfeit?

Brad came home with a counterfeit sweater yesterday. Not to be a braggart but I knew it was counterfeit the moment he took it out of the bag.

Two obvious reasons from ten feet away:
  1. Ralph Lauren would have never done such a terribly cut neckline
  2. It had the metallic sheen of acrylic
Up close:
  1. The "100% cashmere" was closer in texture to 100% scouring pad
  2. The label
  3. The headless horseman
  4. It melted when we did the burn test
He bought the sweater at a Gastown consignment shop and was royally choked when I pointed out why his new $75 sweater was counterfeit. He tried to take it back. He was told their 'fabric expert' decided it was probably a cashmere acrylic blend that had mistakenly been labeled 100% cashmere. Pardon my language but WTF? Strip that person's 'expert' title just for using those two words together. While I'm at it, strip that store of their business license for selling counterfeit products and arguing with customers for wanting to return them. Now he's stuck with a nontransferable credit note that expires in thirty days. Caveat emptor.


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