Weekend Stuff

images Stacy Reynaud
cool men's hand knit sweater with wood buttons $13 - Burquitlam VV (in the women's section) go get it!

vintage crystal table lamp from the Salvation Army $19

my stylist JD at Suki's downtown

West Coast Modern house for rent on Palmerston in West Van - good price but obscenely huge for two people and two cats

a sweet VW

Keefer Lounge

Keefer Lounge test tube lights

I hope you had a good weekend.

We checked out Blue Valentine (oh my Ryan Gosling) on Friday night and then went for cocktails at Keefer Lounge. If you've ever been in, or are currently in, a long term relationship go see Blue Valentine - I couldn't sleep after it. Saturday was an extremely long day at the beauty parlour having the chlorine from our wonderful city water taken out of my hair (it goes green). I unexpectedly dropped by Gravity Pope to be unexpectedly greeted by the new Isabel Marant collection. I left with a top and some Filippa K trousers - that's what happens when you have a sales associate that knows your style! I've been dying to live in a house and stumbled upon one for rent up the road from our apartment so I checked it out. I must admit that after living in an apartment for thirteen years I might be a little freaked to live in a house. Sunday I felt guilty so we hit the thrift stores. Good thing because I walked out with some vintage Gucci tux pants ($15) and a Krizia sweater dress ($13).