How to Dress for a Job Interview

lookin good
What do you wear to job interviews? I've been interviewing candidates for marketing instructor positions all week. There is seriously unbelievable competition out there. Now that I've personally interviewed who I've been up against I completely understand why it's so tough to find a job.

I spoke with the same number of men and women. When the competition is this tough use your outfit to make an impression.

Here are the stats on what the candidates I spoke to wore:

blazers 100%
collared shirt 20%
dark trousers 80%
skirts/dresses 20%
long hair 60%
hair tied back 0
3" heels 100%
necklace or scarf 100%
earrings - didn't notice any
perfume 0
glasses 0
over coat 100%
over coat off before coming in 100%
took notes 20%
hardcover notebook 100%
Tip: Skirts and dresses can set us apart from the men.
Please don't cut your hair short to try and look professional, keep it tame and your color fresh.

suit 80%
pin stripe suit 50%
light grey suit 50%
blue shirt 60%
light colored tie 100%
cheap ill fitting suit 0
facial hair 80%
short hair 100%
cologne 20%
glasses 0
over coat 50%
over coat off before coming in 80%
watch 100%
took notes 50%
leather covered notebook 100%
Tip: Your tie knot shouldn't be bigger than your chin.
As far as I'm concerned a bow tie - not a clip on - is perfectly suitable for a job interview. It shows you're confident, unique and creative.