Tip of the Week - Choosing a Quality Dress Shirt

Please look for:
  • 14 stitches per inch on the shirt placket indicates a quality garment. Fewer than 11 per inch signals less quality.
  • buttons will be attached with firm cross stitches and no loose threads.
  • tapering the sleeve into a cuff is a tailoring short cut. A better made shirt retains the blousiness of the sleeve by joining it to the cuff with careful pleats and gathers.
  • collars should fit snuggly and accommodate neck ware.
  • collars should be evenly stitched around the edges. A well made collar will have a line of stitching around the edge, as well as interfacing to give it shape.
  • check for single needle stitching - it's a more costly and time consuming method of machine sewing. There is less likelihood that puckering will occur.
  • a vertical seam down the yoke of the back of the shirt is a sure sign of quality.