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Guys because it is still cold


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Name that man

hint - he has nothing to do with chicken.

Last Weekend

Vintage boler trailer in a back alley. Pretty nice back alley, eh.

Glutinous halibut burger at the Dundarave Fish Market. He had salmon tacos.

I bought an amazing photo from a junkyard that was laminated on steel years ago and sat outside to rot. The white marks are actually water damage underneath the lamination from its time spent out in our Pacific Northwest rain. That is what I love about it. Now to figure out how to hang it.

Vintage 1962 split window VW Samba Bus. I have the Franklin Mint version. Looks like it's going to stay that way. Note that we still don't have leaves on the trees.

On Earth Day we went to the garden centre to pick up some ferns for our deck. We face North and are quite high up - Zone 7 - so ferns are about the only things that will work. The carts always remind me of being a little kid and going with my Mom.

The ferns, Paparazzi style. We were looking for something to use as a table for our deck. I'd initially wanted to use an old door but we found so…

Style Inspiration - 1970s Apartment Living

Use mirrors to give the illusion of depth. If you have a nice view place the mirrors so they reflect the view not your washroom or sink full of dirty dishes.

Pussy Willows and velvet...

Use glass and chrome. The chrome reflects and the glass allows all of the space to be seen - it's not blocked by chunky furniture.

Apparently this home owner has a fixation with Chicago.The wallpaper guides the eye up. Cesca cantilever chairs paired with a glass and chrome table allow free flow - here's a whole set that got away from me.

Area rugs define the living areas, more use of glass and of couse the tulip chairs and Saarinen table. The coffee table looks like the one that got away from me at the West Van Senior's Flea Market a few weeks back.

Smoked glass globe pendant light, Arco floor lamp, I believe the sofas are the 1970s F/W rosewood line from Lane Furniture, and more Cesca chairs and chrome. Finally one I didn't let get away.

The flight is booked and the pad reserved

Now if I can get my hands on this bikini by the end of May I'll be set!
Secret Garden Bikini

Quote of the Week - Jil Sander

I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity. One glass of water doesn’t equal another. One may just appease the thirst, the other you may enjoy thoroughly.

From the Archives - The Italian Papasan Chair

Originally published in BL December 12, 2008 and I still love it.

Urquiola - Bohemian for Moroso

Taking the much loved Papasan chair into the 21st Century is Moroso's Patricia Urquiola. Described as, 'the designer who best expresses Moroso's vision', Urquiola was named designer of the year by now! design à vivre part of the Maison&Objet in Paris. The Bohemian collection for Moroso takes an original approach to tufted seating.

Desser Papasan Chair
Bohemian's capitonné cushions come in goose down or polyester fiber and are completely removable.

A collection of my rejection letters

One of the best things about writing your own blog is that you really save a fortune on self addressed stamped envelopes.

But alas!

I had the honour of appearing on the late Gerry Gilbert's show.

Tip of the Week - Say No to Stink Beard - How to Clean a Beard

sebum, butter, milk, cigarettes, debris -> GROSS
Dilute the following essential oils in 20 ml almond/avocado oil plus 10 ml jojoba oil:
Rosemary 10 drops
Lavender 5 drops
Cypress 5 drops
Lemon 10 drops
Massage into beard, neck and face before shower. Wash off with hot water. Dry and wipe off any excess.

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