Style Inspiration - 1970s Apartment Living

Use mirrors to give the illusion of depth. If you have a nice view place the mirrors so they reflect the view not your washroom or sink full of dirty dishes.

Pussy Willows and velvet...

Use glass and chrome. The chrome reflects and the glass allows all of the space to be seen - it's not blocked by chunky furniture.

Apparently this home owner has a fixation with Chicago.The wallpaper guides the eye up. Cesca cantilever chairs paired with a glass and chrome table allow free flow - here's a whole set that got away from me.

Area rugs define the living areas, more use of glass and of couse the tulip chairs and Saarinen table. The coffee table looks like the one that got away from me at the West Van Senior's Flea Market a few weeks back.

Smoked glass globe pendant light, Arco floor lamp, I believe the sofas are the 1970s F/W rosewood line from Lane Furniture, and more Cesca chairs and chrome. Finally one I didn't let get away.