Last Weekend

Vintage boler trailer in a back alley. Pretty nice back alley, eh.

Glutinous halibut burger at the Dundarave Fish Market. He had salmon tacos.

I bought an amazing photo from a junkyard that was laminated on steel years ago and sat outside to rot. The white marks are actually water damage underneath the lamination from its time spent out in our Pacific Northwest rain. That is what I love about it. Now to figure out how to hang it.

Vintage 1962 split window VW Samba Bus. I have the Franklin Mint version. Looks like it's going to stay that way. Note that we still don't have leaves on the trees.

On Earth Day we went to the garden centre to pick up some ferns for our deck. We face North and are quite high up - Zone 7 - so ferns are about the only things that will work. The carts always remind me of being a little kid and going with my Mom.

The ferns, Paparazzi style. We were looking for something to use as a table for our deck. I'd initially wanted to use an old door but we found something even cooler. Pics coming soon.

More stuff from the junkyard. We brought home the little number on the left to use as a table for the ferns. We placed it on top of concrete blocks - those funky ones you used to see as whole walls in the 70s. If the junkyard proprietor (!) agrees to deliver, I'll be set up with three of those planters.

Chinatown at sunset.