From the Archives: How to Make a Cool Headboard

Looking for something to do this long weekend? Why not make a headboard?
Originally published March 1st, 2009

cable spool headboard

Industrial artifacts can add oomph to whatever style you've chosen to go with. Perhaps even Louis XIV.

What you need:
* cable spool - you can usually get these free from telephone companies or other companies that regularly use large quantities of electrical wire and cables. If you're in Vancouver, there are a lot down and around the shipyards.
* hammer
* sandpaper and/or sander. I use a Mouse Sander when furniture refinishing.
* tung oil or varnish
* black marker pen

What to do:
1. Remove the top from the spool - the guys at the yard will probably do this for you. While you're there, get them to saw the spool across the bottom to give it better stability.
2. Pound down nails that may be sticking out with a hammer
3. Sand the spool thoroughly and, if you like, darken the lettering with your marker pen
4. Finish it off with a coat of tung oil or varnish