We've been away

I think I've finally adjusted to being in half the temperature I was ten days ago. Yes, old injuries are back in full swing after briefly disappearing in the desert. There are about 100 photos I have to go through and edit before I can get them up here. If you've been hanging around on Facebook you've seen some of them.

For now, here are a few pics from last weekend as well as the weekend before we left.

my current wallet

candy apple red Impala

over packed again

Mt. Rainier

Dansk silver plated hippo


Even though we were just across the border the food is quite different and I went through a little culture shock. First thing we did when we came back was grab some fresh BC spot prawns, halibut and aspargus (the nonFranken kind).

Then we went to a few yard sales and I picked up this kilm for $25. It took me exactly twenty years to find one - that I could afford.

and I finally got a chance to wash my car!