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Quote of the Week - Elizabeth Taylor and the Head Crusher

I am my own commodity. Elizabeth Taylor

When I read that quote by Liz I automatically thought of Twitter and how those little avatars are just the perfect size - for the Head Crusher.

Currently Listening To

So, last night I was sitting in the fireplace room with one ear to CBC Radio 2 and one ear to YouTube when I heard what I thought was some new, bearded, Vancouver super group (CBC was airing a Canadian music show). Imagine my surprise - and relief, as super group is not in my vocabulary - that it was actually a single from the Beach Boy Dennis Wilson (the hot one, that drowned). River Song is off of Wilson's only solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, released in 1977 (yes, the same release year as Star Wars and 20 years before the release of Auto-Tune).
Go give a listen to 'the saddest three minutes in the history of pop music'.

Stuff We Did Not Leave Behind


Tip of the Week - In the Shower

My latest fix? Rubbing coconut oil all over myself in the shower. Seriously. Plop a big spoonful in a bowl, get in the hot shower, start at your feet and massage the oil into your skin all the way up to your face (you can even massage it in your hair if you want). The heat from the shower melts the oil as you're massaging. Don't use soap to wash it off - use it as soap! When you get out of the shower, your skin will be super soft and all that dead dry skin will wipe off. Guys - you can do this too. I told my Dad about the oil (he had super dry skin) and he swears by it.

*caution the tub will get slippery so be careful.

From the Archives - A Bike and a Warm Day

Originally published March 3, 2010

I was lucky enough to grow up in the country where we could bomb around on dirt bikes and ATVs. Now that I live in the city I'm thinking about finding a vintage bike to bomb around on. There's a guy in the West End that rides around on his Dad's 1970s Honda scooter I'll have to track him down and take a pic. Watch for him - the bike's yellow and he's a good guy that likes to chat.

via Steve's Vintage Bike Site

The Wall of My Studio Space

Stacy Reynaud

view here
may soon be converted into

Stacy Reynaud
seat covers for my dining room set.

Quote of the Week - Giovanni Brino

Furniture can be reproduced and so can photographs, but architecture is unique and once it is lost it is gone for good.

From Here to Architectural Eternity

Built Autumn 1954

From Architecture Demolished Spring 2012
Made eternal by Google Maps Street View (2362 Haywood) I'm creating a Google map of the homes I've written about. Click the map link above, then click the the blue way finder for more info. There's a link you can click on in the box that pops up that will take you back to the Bijou Living post associated with it. If you have a link or address to a fine work of Pacific Northwest Modern architecture (1940s-1970s) please feel free to add it to the map.

A Snippet of Our Living Room

Stacy Reynaud

distressed leather sofa and pillows from an estate sale (the matching love seat is in the fireplace room), old growth slab table is an old thrift store favourite, Ingmar Relling Siesta chairs from a yard sale (you saw them first on FB), layered cotton rag rugs (try Etsy), indoor/outdoor banana fibre stools (IKEA). I took the blue damask rug back because with a red sofa the colour scheme was too Superman.

We're calling it Beach Chic.