Jul 12, 2012

It is Official - I am Stuck in 1987

I was thumbing through my old mags and have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in 1987. 

 I want to wear this this weekend.

Pilgrim shoes!

Glitter star tights. Where were these when I was actually hanging out with rock stars - sorry, make that reasonable facsimiles of rock stars.

Grunge before the word was even invented.

Well, this outfit means I'm that weirdo at the gym that wears the old work out gear.

Dear Hipster Girls, these are not attractive. Never were, never will be. Stop wearing them.

I had this Calvin Klein set. I wish they still made it. Demi cups rock.

Estelle - my first and only super model girl crush.

I usually wear this to work.

Note - women have hair on their arms.


images Vogue September, 1987

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