Oct 4, 2012

Vancouver's Best Veggie Burger with the Best Deck to Enjoy It On

Numero uno in my books! Venture across that gorgeous Lion's Gate Bridge of ours and head West to Whytecliff Park. I've found a lot of places are swapping their veggie patties from healthy veggie based ones to sodium salt lick soy patties (ie The Galley at Jericho) - gross. The concession at Whytecliff serves up a juicy old school patty fully loaded in a fresh kaiser bun - and with the option of yam fries. The concession is only open weekends from 10-3 so hurry up and go before it starts to rain. Mind you, even in the rain you can't beat that view.

October 8th update - took my parents there on the weekend and, to my chagrin, the concession is now closed for the season.

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