The Wright Stuff

from left: "Prairie Mirage," "Liberty Weave," "March Balloons," "Tulip Tapestry"

You know those times when you hear about something and then you keep hearing more interesting things about that something within a matter of days? I've had that happen with Frank Lloyd Wright over the past couple days. First, Eddie shared a post on my FB page about a recently turned up collection of German and Austrian prints collected by Wright, and rather matter of factually, his lover Mamah, on a trip through Europe at the turn of the Century - read more here. Then yesterday, while perusing through Elle Decor No. 18, I came across a story about the fabrics and decorative wallpapers he designed. In 1955, he released the Taliesin Line, in conjunction with F. Schumacher and Co. Schumacher then released another Wright collection in 1986 and yet another in 1991 (shown above). Finally, today I received an update from French Architectural Digest urging me to sign the petition to save the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, Arizona (which you can do so here).

Funny how things happen this way.