The last week of my class | Hello miscellania

This week is the last week of my first class for this year - well, the first teaching marketing that is. Remember, I had decided to get back into the classroom? I had a great bunch of students - 15 women and 3 men and damn were they creative - and engaging. The class had the, 'group of colleagues sharing ideas' vibe, I love it when that happens. Needless to say, I've decided to take on another class in May (that's already half full) - I'll keep you posted.

So, because I've been so busy finishing up the class I haven't had a chance to download the shots of the West Van mid-century home I had the honour of shoting two weeks ago. However, I did manage to put a couple up on the Bijou Living Facebook page.

For entertainment purposes here are a few random images with a few little stories.

My parents are coming down for an Easter weekend visit and they're bringing me this credenza I bought online in the Okanagan; along with the one I restored last summer - and a Westnofa ottoman to match my two yard sale Westnofa Siesta chairs. I'll most likely be selling both credenzas so if you're interested let me know.

This is where I grew up. My parents built this house in Langley (74B Ave) in the 70s. There was a cattle farm across the street, a horse (Fuzzball), some chickens and two brothers on one side of us and some more chickens and two sisters on the other side. When we lived here the house was a gold colour - probably Harvest Gold. This photo is from two weeks ago. 

I almost bought this oil painting at the SPCA Thrift Store in East Van. It just said Vancouver all over it to me. There was once a time when wherever you turned you'd see a house like this. The odd one still stands - mainly near the Renfrew area - the 'character homes' that are for sale start at 800K.

I bought this wicker peacock chair two weeks ago. Flo approved right away. Knowing me I'll probably be selling it soon as well!

Speaking of selling things. I found this cool little number online. I was thinking of selling our teak dining set and picking up this baby. What do you think? It will totally clash with the kilim we have in the dining room - which means I may need to find a new rug as well, which isn't such a bad thing.