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A decade..ten years. Sounds like a long time. I don't really have any concept of time - it's either "now" or "not now,"I live in the moment - the adhd posse will relate.
Bijou Living started ten years ago - May 5, 2008. I started writing so I could share cool things, give some tips/techniques and journal my thoughts and feelings. Where have I been since my last post? 
Life happens...

divorce California start pottery soul searching old love new heart break good friends laughter peace
happiness inspiration closure confidence laughter sensuality love gratification peace
Jan - Apr. 2018
achievement stamina good friends soul searching peace ...
Leslie, at The Bloomerie (Arbutus and 12th), saw my pottery on Instagram and reached out to me to purchase some pieces. Donald Yim saw my pottery at the Bloomerie and reached out to me for an interview. Here's the fun video we did! The soundtrack most definitely steals the show...

January 2018 saw the first major retrospective of the cer…

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