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From a day in the winter

English Bay may have their rock balancing guy but over here in West Van we have late night driftwood stacking person. The past three winters that I've lived here I've awoken to a morning beach transformed over night into a driftwood art exhibition. These photos are all from one morning's walk along Ambleside Beach. They spanned the entire length of the beach. On my list of things to do, (along with taking up pottery), is to take up abstract oil painting so I can capture scenes like those above or this:

What's on your list of things to do?

more images here

Design Lover - Hermes Pippa Portable Lounger

Hermès Pippa Chaise Lounge - 1987

Boyd House - Another West Vancouver Home Demolition

Two weekends ago we were out for a rainy day walk and decided to follow some Open House signs to see what was up -  luckily for me I had my camera as we had stumbled upon Boyd House. Built in 1954 by Pacific Northwest architect Ron Thom, Boyd House reminds me of a mini Taliesin West in the rainforest. The exterior of the home is virtually impossible to photograph as it blends into the environment so perfectly - Frank Lloyd Wright would approve. Other Wrightisms are evident in the fireplace, the corner to corner glass walls (also seen at The Staples Residence), the angled ceilings, use of raw materials (cedar, concrete), the intelligent use of windows and skylights, and the overall sense of calm and stillness the home evokes. If you've toured a Wright home you know the calm and stillness I'm referring to. The home is settled.

Unfortunately, the cynic in me doesn't think that presenting this stunning mid-century Pacific Northwest Modern home in West Vancouver as, 'a wor…

When I think it is bad

I think about this little guy.
The Blue Day Book, Bradley Trevor Greive, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 104pp, Buy this book.

How to Make Steamed Spot Prawns

these guys could've been steamed 30 seconds less
Here's another easy one.

What you need:
1 lb fresh spot prawns - they really should remain in the shell (deveined) The legs and head creep me out though so we cleaned them.a bunch of fresh tarragonlime (optional)a bamboo steamerWhat you do: lay tarragon in the steamerlay spot prawns on tarragonsteam no longer than two minutes - not even two minutes for the guys without their shell Serve with poached halibut topped with ginger, lime, and avocado. 

Vintage Chloe

1982 Chloe by Karl Lagerfeld

7 Cool Bathrooms

via The Selby

via The Selby

via Trulia

via vintage Architectural Digest

Schindler House

via Elle Decor

via The Selby

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It is Official - I am Stuck in 1987

I was thumbing through my old mags and have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in 1987. 

 I want to wear this this weekend.

Pilgrim shoes!

Glitter star tights. Where were these when I was actually hanging out with rock stars - sorry, make that reasonable facsimiles of rock stars.

Grunge before the word was even invented.

Well, this outfit means I'm that weirdo at the gym that wears the old work out gear.

Dear Hipster Girls, these are not attractive. Never were, never will be. Stop wearing them.

I had this Calvin Klein set. I wish they still made it. Demi cups rock.

Estelle - my first and only super model girl crush.

I usually wear this to work.

Note - women have hair on their arms.


images Vogue September, 1987