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Design Lover - The Other Hans

Danish modern furniture designer, Hans Olsen, should be recognized for more than his compact teak dining set.

he also did this suede leather sling chair via Etsy

this refrigerated credenza - bar - buffet 
via Zimmerdahl
and this sexy leather settee -  via 1st Dibs and of course he shouldn't be confused with this Hans

The last week of my class | Hello miscellania

This week is the last week of my first class for this year - well, the first teaching marketing that is. Remember, I had decided to get back into the classroom? I had a great bunch of students - 15 women and 3 men and damn were they creative - and engaging. The class had the, 'group of colleagues sharing ideas' vibe, I love it when that happens. Needless to say, I've decided to take on another class in May (that's already half full) - I'll keep you posted.

So, because I've been so busy finishing up the class I haven't had a chance to download the shots of the West Van mid-century home I had the honour of shoting two weeks ago. However, I did manage to put a couple up on the Bijou Living Facebook page.

For entertainment purposes here are a few random images with a few little stories.

My parents are coming down for an Easter weekend visit and they're bringing me this credenza I bought online in the Okanagan; along with the one I restored last summer - …

Some Fine Feathered Friends

When the time comes to send me off to the crazy lady home I'll be fine in a chair in a field with lots of birdies around. By that time, I may have forgotten everything and everyone, but I know for sure that I'll never forget the sounds of the birds. Here are a few of my chums that pop by for drinks and canapes.



Buddy's parents


Ferdinand plays the railing

Steve Junko

Zevaco Residence and Studio Morocco

A single-storey residence conceived for the architect's own use for both living and working facilities. The plan develops in a circular pattern. Bedrooms and services are organized around a central living area capped by a movable glass roof converting it into an open patio. The continuity and definition of spaces is obtained by the diverse treatment of levels, landscaping, and water pools forming a link between exterior and interior areas. Reinforced concrete columns and load-bearing masonry walls make up the main structure.

Built: 1979
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Architect: Jean Francois Zevaco
Images © the architect
Via: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Library

How to Choose Wine with Food

I know there's an app for how to choose wine but this one you can hang on your wall, or laminate for your wallet, or give as a gift as a gentle reminder. Click to enlarge.
via Wine Folly

Tip of the Week - Longevity

To prevent tulips from drooping too quickly pierce them with a pin right under the flower.

Design Lover - Wrecking Ball Lamp

Andrew MitchellWrecking Ball Light Made from reclaimed railway sleepers.

Quote of the Week - Franz Kafka

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Little Bespoke Mercedes on the Prairie

The other day it dawned on me why I have a preference for vernacular homes with cedar siding - Little House on the Prairie. Right!

Could it be that Bill and Beck Goddard do as well? The Goddard's family run business, Rustic Campers, is a bespoke camper van conversion company that sources local materials to convert your van, motor home, or even Mercedes cargo, into your own Little House on the Road.

Living in that 'van down by the river' is becoming more and more appealing, is it not?

The Little House on the prairie, (actually located in Simi, California and unfortunately burnt down during the wildfires a few years back).
© Little House Insider top images © Rustic Camper

1967 Long Island NY Vernacular Vacation Home

Builder's Guide S/S 1967

In the haze of last week

Last week's adventures began with a mild case of food poisoning, (obtained at a book club dinner with Fareed Zakaria), continued with a rash of meetings, (under food poisoning haze), which also included a Lululemon luncheon at the Board of Trade (yikes), and ended with me slumped over the computer Friday night browsing Etsy and Craigslist, (which also led to my email being hacked).
Here are some pieces from my search:

from top: Men's vintage Stacy Adams boots Church pews for $250 in Vancouver Vintage bikes in Abbotsford Men's gray vintage Stacy Adams boots Teak dresser for $60 in ArmstrongWhere was this when I was a kid?Stacy necklace Banker's desk for $25 in ChilliwackBlock print fabric Vintage wooden boat for $1800 in the Fraser Valley
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