Mar 28, 2012

Mar 26, 2012

How to Make a Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

What you need:

What you do:
  • heat waffle iron to medium heat
  • mix up cake mix and fold in chocolate chips
  • scoop in 1/4 cup of the delicious batter into each waffle square
  • cook for 3 minutes
  • gently remove from waffle iron
  • let the waffles cool on a cooling rack
  • add a scoop of ice cream
  • eat
  • left over chocolate waffles can be put in the freezer
* I adapted this recipe from Come Together Kids

Mar 25, 2012

Recent eBay and Etsy Purchases

Saks Fifth Avenue snake skin bag
from eBay seller fraurjc

cotton gauze dress
ok, this one I bought at the Beggars Banquet thing Friday night

nylon jersey drop waist dress
from eBay seller marcy13

i.magnin silk chiffon tunic
from Etsy

incredible mohair sweater with silk lining and wood buttons
from eBay

Pierre Cardin snake skin shoulder bag
from Etsy

silk shorts
from Etsy seller maisondhibou

I'm currently on a vintage nylon jersey dress, latch hook rug, pilgrim shoe, and Scandinavian brutalist jewelry kick. Here are some of my Etsy favourites (for women). I haven't updated my men's favourites in ages but here's the link anyway. On eBay, I'm edle. According to eBay, I started selling on there 12 years and 7 months ago. Whoa, that's a long time.

Mar 23, 2012


Spring = spring to my feet and get the dust off everything!
I picked up this clothes storage bag last week at IKEA, (along with some curtains). Why I have not had these bags to store my vintage clothing in for the past twenty years is a moot question. The orange sparkly number is my wedding dress.

All zipped up.

The ocean is cleaning up as well. My, First Day of Spring Beachcombing Expedition, found this washed up on shore. Living on the Pacific Coast - and expecting debris from Japan soon - I find this piece eerie. It's a tsunami wave carrying books and a violin.

Flo giving me the stink eye.

Spring cleaning tunes. A gift for me from Vinyl Records on Hastings. Check out the inscription, it adds all that more. I'd bought a new sealed pressing of Leonard Cohen's debut album at Highlife on Commercial but it was totally warped and the first song - Suzanne - was scratched and inaudible. Another reason why old stuff is better than new. I couldn't get my money back from Highlife. I didn't trust buying another new pressing from them and was uninterested in a CD (I don't even have a CD player). I ended up exchanging it for the worst Tim Buckley album, that I turned around and traded as $2 towards a Bon Iver album at another record store. Highlife should've given me my $30 back.

Another Spring find - Veuve du Vernay minis! Make every excursion a celebration with these portable little fellas.

Mar 20, 2012

Design Lover Ris and Selldorf Sunball for Rosenthal

From within your plushly padded shell, you navigate the "sunball" to mirror the orbit of the sun. With the aid of Teflon bearings, you direct its roof to slide open, the ball to swivel on its base in near galactic silence. Accessorize with serving tray and stereo...and a light for night flights by the pool, patio or terrace. Mission done, you lock the sunball for total security. Designed by Gunter Ris and Herbert Selldorf for Rosenthal. From AD, 1977.

Sold September 27, 2007 at Sotheby's London for $49,505 USD

Mar 19, 2012

Style Inspiration Braque and Brown

Is that an I.M. Rosen 8800 credenza and Frank Ligtelijn Globe 2000 lamp I see? Good thing they're not Le Corbusier's or we could have some trouble on our hands.

images: Better Homes & Gardens 1975, Georges Braque 1952

Mar 15, 2012

Another West Vancouver Home Demo

I wanted to buy the pink marble around the fireplace but didn't have a crow bar on me to pull it off. The guy was asking $50 for it.

Want to see more of West Van before the nouveau riche moved in and started tearing things down? The West Van Public Library - which has the largest circulation in Canada - is releasing the District's digital photo collection to the public today, West Vancouver's 100th birthday.

Mar 13, 2012

Quote of the Week - Hattie McDaniel

You've been brave for so long Miss Scarlett, you gotta keep on bein' brave.
as Mammy in Gone With the Wind (1939)

Mar 7, 2012

Super Easy Food

stacy reynaud
stacy reynaud

Easy enough I even had time to make it for lunch just before I ran out the door. Not to mention, these goodies can hang out in your fridge all week for you to snack on.

What you need:
tortilla wraps
*red pepper/spicy hummus
**matchstick carrots
avocado (thanks Michael)
edamame beans

What you do:
1. spread the hummus over the entire wrap - all the way to the edge. It's the glue that holds the wrap together.
2. layer the rest of the ingredients over the entire face of the tortilla
3. roll it like you're rolling a hand rolled cigarette - roll a little, pull back, roll a little more, pull back. Rolling like this ensures the wrap is rolled into the mix (see the second pic).
4. slice the roll in half

*You could use any spread. How about Baba ganoush?
**I've also used a match stick beet and carrot mix. Cutting the veggies like this ensures a crunch.

adapted from Healthy Happy Life

Mar 5, 2012

Quote of the Week - Keith Richards

If you don't know the blues...
there's no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.

Mar 1, 2012

From the Archives - Joshua Van Dyke The Skateboard as Rite of Passage

Originally published December 1, 2008

I met Josh at the Dynamo Arts Space on East Hastings in 2008. I was there to check out some oil paintings by another artist and Josh caught my eye. Since then, Josh has set up his studio on Bowen Island and has started making quite the name for himself. I hope you bought his stuff four years ago when I first introduced you to him. Head on over and follow him on Facebook.

The rite of passage. Vancouver based artist, Joshua Van Dyke, explores this universal theory in his latest work of sculpture. Each work, created out of vintage skate decks he has collected from around the world, translates separation, liminality and re-incorporation into a visual masterpiece reminisce of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.
Van Dyke's work is raw, symbolic, and brilliant.

images Stacy Reynaud 

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