Aug 27, 2008

5 Sexy Film Fights

Casting, costume and a certain je ne sais quoi make these some of film's sexiest skirmishes.

1.  1968 Franco Zefferilli Romeo and Juliet - Mercutio's Death Scene

Mercutio at 8:16 - brilliant - and what about that outfit...

2. Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean - he's 'abstract' and 'cute too.'

3. Gone with the Wind

'I only know that I love you.' ' That's your misfortune.'

4.  Psychomania

I've said it before and I'll say it again - hot pants, leather and British bikes

5. Dangerous Liaisons - Madame de Merteuil and Valmont

John Malkovich was born to do scenes like these. 

6. Honorable mention, Zoolander - Walk Off - YouTube it!

Aug 26, 2008

The Style Quiz 1 - The Answer

Alberta Ferretti Fall Winter 1994
Personally, I think the Alberta Ferretti and Marc Jacobs pieces can be pulled out of the back of the closet and no one will know.

As for Fendi - I'm glad they've made a clean come back for F/W 2008!

Marc Jacobs dress Fall Winter 1994

Aug 25, 2008

14 Ideas For A Dining Room

When it comes to dining in a 620 square foot flat the options can be quite comical. Currently, we are using a card table, which to be frank, looks quite naively chic.
To honour the room that will one day be ours, here are 14 rooms I'd be caught feasting in:
Nothing highlights sophistication like giraffe print seating
Issei Hatakeyama residence.  Tatami mats and Edo-period sliding doors
19th Century Italian trestle table at an LA home
The ubiquitous Knoll Saarinen table with custom upholstered Louis XV chairs
Gilt wall-coverings, lacquered cabinets and a dimmer switch
An array of colored plastic Eames chairs set along a Nakashima inspired table
L'hôtel Mystique
Seth Stein's London home was once dilapidated Victorian stables.  He left the original ceramic wall in the dining room - the numbers mark the old livery boxes.  The reclaimed wood on stainless steel does it for me.
The Knoll Saarinen table with stainless steel dining chairs custom upholstered in black leather.  The justification for investing in a signature piece like the Saarinen table is that you can work with it over the years by simply updating your seating. 
A romantic breakfast among linen and Wedgwood
It's the monastic ceiling that makes me want to sing for my supper.
Eclectic chic - industrial drafting chair set amongst charity shop finds and a handmade table.
The dining room of a private carriage pays homage to Gothic Revival architecture, cut velvet and fringe.
The quote that really sums it all up; 'You can't do head-to-toe Chanel; you've got to mix it up with combat boots.'  Anne Fisher on her Stanford White built Manhattan townhouse.

Aug 23, 2008

The benefits of thrift shopping - How to feel good about trashing your clothes

In May I chopped two feet off a Diane von Furstenberg dress, the month before I ripped the buttons off a Louis Feraud blazer, in January I threw a 1970s Oscar de la Renta dress in the wash after a night of bubbly and as for that Burberry trench I dyed black, I've never looked back.
The joys of shopping vintage.
I'm a woman of few regrets. Alas, there are two. The first, an ecru colored lace and silk velvet 1930s gown I'd lent to a friend for a Christmas party and she set forth to bathe in red wine with it. The second, a black silk crepe Edwardian evening gown adorned in gold filagree I sold before I could fully uncrate it at the Manhattan Vintage show. The Edwardian gown went to a highly respected collector, so I have some solitude. The 1930s dress was sold, wine stains and all, and the new owner dyed it burgundy, she was happy.
I digress.
You see, if you shop vintage it makes you feel good:

1. You can party in your threads without panic
2. Just think of how unmaterialistic you'll seem when you roll down that grassy hill in your hipster get up without a care in the world
3. You won't have to maim the person who steps on the back of your Dior dress and rips it up to your arse (Kate Moss didn't maim Courtney Love did she...)
4. You'll be the bell of the ball as you pick yourself up off the floor after stepping through the front of your dress perceivably without a care in the world
5. "Oh, those darn little snags in my chiffon!"
6. You can always make it into something new after you wreck it - Vivienne Westwood did
7. You can say you support The Good Life.
8. Cashmere sweaters are great for jogging
9. You can have it dry cleaned about 100 times before you reach the actual perceived value - talk about a return on investment
10. Basic unembellished black never goes out of style
11.You'll never have to worry about appearing in a 'Who wore it better?' post

Aug 22, 2008

5 denim selections for my man

The time had come for my husband to buy some new denim. He loves fashion but hates to shop, nothing a few double shots of espresso and a maverick of a wife couldn't fix!

To the fitting room he went with Diesel, Dior Homme, Filippa K, Nudie, and APC.


Dior Homme 19cm - his favourite. They looked amazing but he didn't like the wash - he wants the dark.
Filippa K - not a good cut. He's a 29 or 30 waist and the hip area looked like riding pants.
Diesel Darron - very nice price, very nice fit. They fit larger so go down a size.
Nudie Long John - looked pretty sexy to me but he felt like he was wearing leotards.
APC NS - didn't have the right size but definitely potential!
Nudie Long John - I said hot, he said not
Filippa K - not an attractive cut
The ones that were the best but they didn't have right wash in stock
Diesel Darron - the winner - until we find those Dior's in the dark wash!

Aug 19, 2008

The Style Quiz 1

How well do you think you know your favourite designers?
Here's a little quiz to find out. I'll post the answer on August 26th.
What year are the collections below from? Yes, they're all from the same year.

Anna Molinari Blumarine
Alberta Ferretti
Marc Jacobs
Donna Karan
Karl Lagerfeld
Ralph Lauren
Yves Saint Laurent

Which look is poised for a comeback? Which should stay in the trunk?

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The virgin bride left to mourn while dreaming of the age of innocence is upon us again.

Chloé FW 2008

Chloé's fall winter 2008 collection mimics the sensibility of a society yearning for what was lost.

latter WWI

Childlike and innocent it thumbs its nose at the neogothic at Fendi and the animism at Gaultier.

Chloé FW 2008

To willingly bind itself in the delicate femininity of a time gone by.

latter WWI

Chloé FW 2008

Yet yearning for what was lost.

Gladys Glad

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Aug 18, 2008

The Five Senses Of Marketing

Coconut, vanilla, lavender, patchouli, leather, tar.
I'm sure these words automatically remind you of something.  
Your job this week is to pay attention to how fashion marketers, retailers or brands use the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) to win you and your money over.
For example:

1. When you walk into Wal-Mart does it smell like rubber and cardboard or leather and tobacco? How does the smell of Wal-Mart make you feel?
2. What department greets you when you walk off the street into Saks or Barneys?
3. How does the touch of chiffon make you feel?  How does the touch of denim make you feel?
4. What music are they playing in Lord & Taylor or Harrod's?  How does it make you feel?
5.  What sort of lighting is in the fighting room at Macy's?  At Barneys?
6.  Go into an Agent Provocateur, a Holister and a GUCCI.  Which one made you want to spend money and why?  Think about the five senses.
7.  What are some scents that conjure up images of upscale, discount, classic, trendy?
8.  If your local mall could smell like something what would you think it would be?  
9.  Have you been into a Westin hotel lately?  Smell anything different?

Pay attention, it's already happening.

Aug 16, 2008

12 Reasons why I'm saying Happy Birthday to Madonna

1. 1982 Madonna self titled lp 
As a 12 year old trying to come to grips with being a "woman" Madonna gave this tomboy hope that you can be both strong and womanly and the boys will still hang out with you.  How many hours did I sit staring at that album cover in wonder?

2.  My perm
Later to be tousled a la Molly Ringwald

3.  1985 Crazy For You
This song recorded on a double sided cassette tape made having my first big kiss a little bit easier

4.  Thrift Shop Chic
Thanks to Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Molly Ringwald I found my clique in the troubling fashion of the 80s and now make a living off it.  Thanks gals!

5.  Even though her movies suck she still keeps on making them

6. The Lucky Star video 
I've got the best collection of vintage jewelry now!

7.  The Like a Virgin video
My first girl crush.  I didn't know what a virgin was but I soon found out.

8.  Her amazing dedication to her mind, body and spirit
I hope I look that hot at 50!  Check her out in Ray of Light - goodness gracious...

9.  She was married to Sean Penn!

10. She still makes me sweat and not just on 80s night
32 count beat cardio work outs!

11. That gap - I love it.

12. Don't tell me you've never vogued!

Aug 13, 2008

How to Shop for Fall Styles

The black t-neck fitted or not. Seen from Chanel to Missoni.


The vintage men's blazer. Best looks at Daughters by Obedient Sons, Chloé and Burberry Prorsum

Daughters by Obedient Sons

The over the shoulder clutch with eel skin embellishments. Best looks at Fendi and Chloé


Black Lace. Prada and Balmain dresses, and the Givenchy clutch


The stiletto ankle bootie. Not flattering on everyone but seen everywhere.


The mini. Best looks at Gucci, Chloe, Balmain and Sonia Rykiel


A stair master to get your legs in shape to pull off those minis!

Aug 11, 2008

Chicago Mid Century Home Sale

Jack Viks designed home - Lake Forest, Illinois
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's student Jack Viks designed this home, situated on 4 acres in Lake Forest Illinois, in 1960.
Update - March 18, 2009
Reduced from $2.3 million to $1.8 million and on the market for quite some time, this home is very approachable. Find out more here.

The Satanic Majesty's Request