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How to Prepare for a Trip

arrange for your pets, plants and lawnarrange to have your mail and newspaper held at the post office or collected by a friendempty the refrigerator and turn it to low (you'll be surprised by your low bill)
leave a house key with a friendlock all doors, windows and carnotify your neighbours of your absence and how to reach youreconfirm your airline ticket and other reservationsset a light timerturn off your computerleave a copy of your id/passport with a close friend or relativetell your loved ones you love them and you're going to miss them

Art for Art's Sake?

Bylot Island 1 by Lawren Harris Back in September 2008 I wrote about investing in art. I still stand by that. Last night Lawren Harris' Bylot Island 1 sold in Vancouver for $2.4 million ($2.8 with buyer's premium).

Stacy Reynaud
I'm going to pretend that this piece I bought for $5 on Tuesday is a long lost Jean Paul Riopelle.

Vintage Abe Schrader


Some things are better left in the past


Although I must admit the crystal chandelier, marble counter top, check floor, Greek bust and pure gaudiness of this one is tugging at my secret Liberace heart strings.

It is in the Eyes

Lupe Veléz

Monica Vitti

Quote of the Week - Winston Churchill

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.

Tip of the Week - Fashion

image via oooooh I want all of those

A bigger briefcase doesn't make you look more important. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Trends - Under the Stairs - How to Make a Bookshelf

Peg board wall with book shelves. Could be a solution to my shelving problem.
*note the Joe Colombo trolley - just so happens one was salvaged in Vancouver. I wonder if he still has it?

Vintage Vicius


Trends - Inspiring Industrial Shelving

I'm still looking... via The Selby

Tip of the Week

the georg jensen ring I'm saving for

Toothpaste adds a mighty nice sparkle to diamonds! I worked with a woman whose diamonds were always twinkling. When asked about their twinkle - her response was, 'I run my toothbrush over them every time I brush my teeth.' Personally, I'm a germ phobe so I just use my finger.

Quote of the Week - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Less is more.

Guilty Pleasure

Black Sabbath's fashion sense - early 1970s.

Zephyr and Trapeze get honorable guilty fashion pleasure mention.

* interesting observation - note how the smoker is somewhat isolated in the two pics in which he's smoking

Japanese New Wave 1981 - Plastics

A rather cool video with even cooler fashion.
Take note of:
1. Her
2. Mr. Roland keyboards' ensemble
3. Mr. Harmonica's watch and hair style
4. Mr. Guitar's buttons

Are you as confused as I am with the Wolfman Jack intro?

Design Lover - Roll & Hill Gothic Chandelier


West Vancouver Pacific Northwest Mid-Century Favourites

Just a few of my favourite mid century homes (late 50s - early 70s) in West Vancouver. Cherish them while you can because, unfortunately, most are getting torn down to make way for monster trophy houses.

Arthur Erickson

Arthur Erickson
Arthur Erickson

Arthur Erickson

Norman Purcell
Demolished Spring 2012

Vintage Georges Marciano


So you're thinning...

Jude Law

Take it easy. Sure, easy for me to say right, I'm a woman. Although I can't relate to hair loss personally I know what a touchy subject it is as my husband is thinning - and he's a hair stylist.

Some tips:

What's your personal style? Look at Jude Law up there. He has a fabulous hairstylist. He's been thinning for awhile but keeps his hair longer - not a comb over but a comb up! The late Heath Ledger sported a similar style from time to time - see center pic. Terrence Stamp also opted for longer bits in the late 60s and went for the free flow for his later years. Please, don't give up just because you're thinning. There are options!

Heath Ledger

Find a good hairstylist! My husband goes to Michelle at Suki's downtown. Yes, he pays a lot but he also paid $20 once and hated his appearance for six months. How do you find a stylist? Word of mouth. Ask your female friends who have good hair. Ask guys with good hair. Spend more to look like you have more.


Quote of the Week - Guy Finley

Life is real only when you are.

Jeanne Moreau France 1912

Another of Truffaut's fashionably inspirational flicks.

PLOT SUMMARY - In Paris, before WWI, two friends, Jules (Austrian) and Jim (French) fall in love with the same woman, Catherine. But Catherine loves and marries Jules. After the war, when they meet again in Germany, Catherine starts to love Jim... This is the story of three people in love, a love which does not affect their friendship, and about how their relationship evolves with the years. via IMDb Written by YepokHow can one not be tempted by a plot like this?

The beautiful and stylish Jeanne Moreau sings 'Le Tourbillon de la Vie' in François Truffaut's 1962 film Jules et Jim - in which the soundtrack has been named "One of the 10 Best Soundtracks" by TIME magazine in its "All time 100 Movies List".

Wouldn't you say that has to be one of Adrien Brody's relatives on guitar?

Stock for the Liquor Cabinet

add some flash to your bar by picking up inexpensive decanters and carafes at thrift stores.

Personally, I've never been able to have more than one bottle of liquer, one bottle of vodka and a case of cellared wine at any given time. I asked a friend how he manages to keep his liquor cabinet stocked - his reply, 'Have guests over a lot. They always bring a bottle or two.'. Thanks Kev.

A simple home bar can have:

sweet and dry vermouth
a few liquers
soda (ginger ale, cola)
fruit juices (oj, cranberry, grapefruit, Clamato)

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent


West Coast Modern Residential Tear Down

Designed in 1967 by Canadian architect and contemporary to Arthur Erickson, Daniel White. Renovated in 1987 - can you tell? Currently for sale at $2.2 million FIRM.
The house - minus the addition - has a wonderful layout that I wouldn't mind having reproduced, once I win the $20 million lottery so I can afford a house in Vancouver, of course. For a tongue in cheek look at Vancouver's ridiculous real estate prices check out

Black mold included

Termites included. Yes, those are termites on the floor too.

The wallpaper was gold gilt. How about those towel holders/closet door handles?

stacy reynaud

A very Suzy Hoodless before Suzy Hoodless style bathroom!
Leaky roof included. Vines were growing up under the door but I couldn't hold my breath any longer to take a pic.
Nice clean walls and carpet. The mantle top was mirrored

The yard is overgrown as the house has been vacant for years. It's basically a wild bird sanctuary and absolutely gorgeous.

The vi…