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25 Cocktail Party Must Haves

Friends are coming for cocktails tonight.
25 things to have on hand: hand size snacks such as -  popcorn, cheese, pickles, crackers, wasabi peas, Cheezies, or other nibbles - nuts with a vintage nutcracker are always a hit, make sure you have a bowl for the shellsice, ice and more ice cocktail napkins and regular napkinscoastersvintage serving bowlstea lights, candles, lighterice bucket or twosoda, tonic, juice (cranberry, orange, tomato), pop, cold flat or carbonated watercocktail straws, cocktail picksgarnish -  lemon, lime and good cocktail cherries (check what your drink recipes call for)extra toilet paperwhiskey, bourbon, rye, rum, vodka, gin, dry and sweet vermouth, cognac, two bottles of both white and red wine, beer, bubblyclean cloth to quickly wipe up spillsplenty of clean hand towels in the washroom bottle opener and corkscrewa game - personally I can't stand games but some people love them at partiesburgundy glasses, beer glasses, martini glasses, rock glasses, champa…

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Hot Buttered Rum with Apple Cider

What you need:

2 tbsps butter 1 tbsp dark brown sugar2 tsps pumpkin pie spice2 oz dark rum12 oz hot apple cider - my recipeServes two

What you do:
Whip butter, brown sugar and pie spiceChill until firmDivide butter mixture and rum between 2 six ounce mugsStir in hot cider
stacy reynaud

How to Uniquely Wrap a Gift

I promise I won't say eco or upcycle. However, seeing as I'm of the make do mend persuasion a vintage silk scarf used to wrap a gift suits me just fine.

Voila - Japanese furoshiki. Interested in more techniques using scarves as wrapping, bags or apparel check out the furoshiki site. stacy reynaud

Crowdfunding for Purchase and Maintenance of Mid Century Modern Binning Home

Crowdfunding is my latest proposal to save the Binning Home for the public - as Mrs. Binning had bequeathed. Remember I suggested the District of West Vancouverpurchase the Binning Home as a marketing and communications expense to compliment the forthcoming West Vancouver Centre for Art and Architecture?  Well, only two individuals have stepped up - heritage advocate Kathleen Staples (of the Staples Residence) and Bruno Wall, the nephew of real estate developer Peter Wall - whom has been labeled 'partially responsible for Vancouver's City of Glass reputation'. Staples offered up a cheque of $1 million dollars on Friday December 13th - $600,000 short of Wall's offer of $1.6 million.

On December 13th, the judge (Madam Justice Shelley Fitzpatrick), residing over the BC Supreme Court fight for the house stated:

The rubber hits the road in terms of who's prepared to write the cheques to maintain this property. Where are they? Where are all these people? Who's prepar…

Quote of the Week - Henri Poincare

Science is built up of facts, as a house is built of stones; but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house.

image from the collection of Stacy Reynaud

10 Tips for the Party Host

When your hosting skills are brought to the test, don't fail.
Take your guest's coat. Do not put them on the bed.* Hang them up. Small, unrealistic closet? Rent a sales man's rack or invest in one (I have two).Your guest's shoes are part of their outfit - allow them to keep them on. I bring fancy house slippers with me just in case the dreaded pile of shoes is at the door.Offer your guest a drink after you've taken their coat and before they're more than five steps in the door. Tip: have non-alcoholic drinks (soda, tonic and juice), red wine, white wine, bubbles, beer, vodka, rum, rye, scotch, tequila, gin, sweet and dry vermouth and cognac. Don't forget fresh ice, cocktail napkins, lemons, limes, olives and cocktail straws.Never introduce your guest's boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, spouse or whatever, as such. They have an identity of their own.You are responsible for your guest's safety. Read my post, How to Deal with Drunk Guests.Keep the light…

9 Christmas Gifts for the Intergalactic Traveler

in case they get lost - Galaxy Sweatshirt Bittersweet
to find their way home - gemstone globe self explanatory - Louis Moinet Astralis metallic make up case for those evenings in the stars - Mulberry to soothe erratic emotions and enhance personal courage - lava, pyrite and blue opal ring metallic pens for doodling - Athas! large solid gold Tiffany's flask self explanatory - 1st Dibs to keep the clothes in - vintage Gucci duffel bag Stated Style to ward off night crawlers - bronzed cabled letter opener Wilson Metal Works

Quote of the Week - Albert Einstein

from the collection of stacy reynaud
The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

10 topics I've been meaning to write about but haven't gotten around to

It's much easier to publish with one's pseudo-opposable thumb than ten digits. I've had a month long case of insomnia (brought on by stress), which in turn aggravates my moods - hence many Tumblrand Instagram posts but no blog updates. Post ideas have been coming and going through my thoughts but that's it.

Here are some things that have been floating around:
Have you watched the Upstairs Downstairs remake on Netflix? The set design and costumes - oh my cat - wrap me up in them! Those silk velvet gowns -  purr.How about Mr. Selfridge? I say we need more Roderick Temple.Society women in Edwardian timesGong meditation Finding the perfect wasabi chick pea recipeThe phrase, 'Nothing personal, it's just business.' Screw that. Business is personal.Only Lovers Left AlivePredictive analysisOut of body experiences Mallard green interiors

Whipped Coconut Cream and Chocolate Chia Pudding - Vegan Recipe

It took a few attempts with different recipes but I finally found a whipped coconut cream recipe (whipping cream made with coconut milk) that actually has the consistency of whipped cream. If you've tried making whipped coconut cream you know that you could stand there whipping it for an hour and you still wouldn't get it to peak.

I've made carob chia pudding with almond milk before and had been meaning to try it with coconut milk but never got around to it. Well thanks to Finding Veganand the Foodily app I was reminded.

So, here are two recipes that go perfectly together.

Chocolate Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk

What you need:

2 cups coconut milk4 tbsp cocoa powder - to make it vegan use cacao8 tbsp ground black chia seeds (I use the ground ones as they're not so crunchy)sweetener of your choice (I used four tbsp sugar - ech it was way too much)hand mixermedium bowl
What you do:
Pour coconut milk into a medium size mixing bowlAdd the rest of the ingredientsBeat with a ha…