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Whipped Coconut Cream and Chocolate Chia Pudding - Vegan Recipe

It took a few attempts with different recipes but I finally found a whipped coconut cream recipe (whipping cream made with coconut milk) that actually has the consistency of whipped cream. If you've tried making whipped coconut cream you know that you could stand there whipping it for an hour and you still wouldn't get it to peak.

I've made carob chia pudding with almond milk before and had been meaning to try it with coconut milk but never got around to it. Well thanks to Finding Veganand the Foodily app I was reminded.

So, here are two recipes that go perfectly together.

Chocolate Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk

What you need:

2 cups coconut milk4 tbsp cocoa powder - to make it vegan use cacao8 tbsp ground black chia seeds (I use the ground ones as they're not so crunchy)sweetener of your choice (I used four tbsp sugar - ech it was way too much)hand mixermedium bowl
What you do:
Pour coconut milk into a medium size mixing bowlAdd the rest of the ingredientsBeat with a ha…

Quote of the Week - Bleak House | Charles Dickens

I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Katherine Hepburn is cooler than me.

Algonquin Park Sold to Developer

Imagine the outrage.

Algonquin Park has not been sold to a developer but another Canadian National Historic site is headed to Supreme Court on November 18th, and that may well be the outcome.

I first wrote about the BC Binning home, located in demolition permit happy West Vancouver, way back in 2010 - the post is below. Ironically, I spent Friday at the Association of Fundraising Professionals' National Philanthropy Day luncheon. Awards were being presented to x for raising x amount, to y for raising y amount, etc etc. The Land Conservancy, the nonprofit that owns the Binning home, is $7.6 million in debt (as I noted back in 2010 they were headed for trouble). Listening to the keynote speaker, Dan Pallata (yes the guy whose TED Talk has over 2.5 million views), break down salaries for top earners in the US was blowing my mind. Did you know Judge Judy makes $45 million a year? $7.6 million is chump change. Get this, the developer offered the TLC $1.6 million for the home - rumor h…

My Caramel Apple Failure

I'm sure you saw this recipe floating around online over the past few months - the one for inside out caramel apple slices. Well, I thought that since it had melting involved I'd probably by able to make it - wrong.

Things were working out okay until it came time to take them out of the fridge.

I don't think the apples were dry enough before we put the caramel in. The caramel was one big ball of slime.


My next attempt was to make sure the little buggers dried enough so the caramel would stick. I put them in our food dehydrator. It worked out ok but the apples were sliced too thin and the caramel was really hard and majorly stuck to my teeth, serious stickage - not like your typical soft caramel that comes off with your tongue sticky. I felt like I needed a dental scaler.
The horror.

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The Most Unique Inexpensive Gift Yet

stacy reynaud Don't throw it away! Gift giving time is coming and what better way to show your love than a perfectly unique, inexpensive, and earth friendly accoutrement to stick bills (or photos) to the fridge with. Recycled jewelry magnets.

What you need:
A piece of broken jewelry - I used this gorgeous vintage Bird of Paradise brooch that had the pin missing off the back.Sticky magnets - available at craft stores. As you can see, my magnets were too big. They come in different sizes so make sure you get the appropriate ones.What you do:
Stick the magnet onto the back of the piece. You could also super glue it. For an industrial feel, head down to the local metal scrap yard (in Vancouver there's one right by the Port) and scrounge some cheesy trophy toppers, brass bits or just plain old metal scraps.

9 Ways to Deal With Your Drunk Guests

Originally published February 14, 2010

It's your party and your guests are your responsibility. Be attentive and don't get drunk yourself.

9 things you can do to try and curtail the guest that over drinks:

You should mix your guests' drinks.If a guest proceeds to the bar to make his/her own drink go with them and ask them to grab the ice, mix or whatever while you pour the drink.Avoid having more than one bottle of liquor visible.Make it obvious you use a jigger to pour drinks and hand it to your guest before he/she pours their own.When it is obvious a guest has had too much to drink don't offer him/her any more. 50% of the time they'll get mad. There will always be someone there to assist you in dealing with them. They usually get embarrassed then sit down and be quiet.If your guest has drank so much that he/she is going to pass out have two or three other guests assist you in taking them to a bed to sleep it off overnight. If they have a spouse or guest with them…

Quote of the Week - Edgar Allan Poe

In our endeavors to recall to memory something long forgotten, we often find ourselves upon the very verge of remembrance, without being able, in the end, to remember. - from Ligeia

Yes - Another West Vancouver Home Demolition

There's a cute 1930s home at the end of our block. I always wondered how long it would be before it fell victim to a McMansion. Well, it's yellow fenced now so it won't be long. As I was taking photos of the outside, the demolition contractor came by and we had a little chat. I asked why the home wasn't being offered up as a demolition sale before it was torn down, (I could see furniture, doors and fixtures through the smashed out windows - much reminisce to this home that I contacted the then West Vancouver Mayor about but she wouldn't reply. I brought up the issue of sustainable demolition practices with her when we were at the same cocktail event two summers ago - tongue tied and red faced she excused herself, although it could've been the wine talking). I digress.

The contractor was nice enough. He said the owner didn't feel it was worth it (money wise) to have a demolition sale. I said it shouldn't be about the money. I also asked him why it was ok…

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Remember last year's Whiskey Advent Calendar? Well, this year you get beer. There are two beer advent calendar options in Canada.

Canada's Craft Beer Importers have released their 2nd Annual Craft Beer Advent Calendar. The very large box contains 24 beers (isn't there a song about this) which consist of ten beers from Canada, thirteen from the US and one from Mexico. There are only 8700 calendars available and you can find them at private liquor stores in Western Canada. For a list of stores go to their Facebook page here.

BC's own Phillips Brewing Company brings us the Snowcase Calendar. They've pulled 24 different craft beers from their repertoire and bundled them up in a cute box. The Phillips offering is also limited edition so pick it up now. I know that the Village Taphouse and Libations in West Van have them.

From a marketer's perspective, I think both companies could've done a better job with their packaging.