Apr 30, 2009

In Our Nature: A review of the latest work of José González

sleeve - In Our Nature, José González
José González eloquently hammers the classical guitar like a mad genius. González's songs are melodically mood inducing while his crystal clear voice emits a calm presence amongst the darkness of sound.

González's latest album, In Our Nature, comes and goes in a flash so be sure to press repeat on your audio player of choice.

This album is that moment in your life you wish you could live over and over again.
Stand out tracks: Down the Line, Cycling Trivialities, Fold
Honorable mention: Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)

- Brad Lav

Apr 28, 2009

The Style Quiz 2 - Answer

Drum roll please -----------------> 1978

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Pant Hems: What You Need to Know

Like skirt lengths, pant lengths can, too, fall victim to trends. Remember, trends come and go but style is forever. The photo above shows the classic length for both a trouser hem and a skirt hem. The skirt should fall about 1/2 inch over the top of the knee.
Pants should be kept long enough at the back to touch the top of the heel of the shoe with ease yet short enough in the front to form a break in the line of the pant.
The crease line will be broken 6 inches above the shoe or boot. In other words, the pants will look a little too long in the front while the crease line in the back remains unbroken.

Apr 23, 2009

How to Accent Windows

If you're reading this post you obviously don't have tinfoil over your window. Although a simple solution, it's definitely not the most desirable.
Window treatments don't have to cost a fortune. Like most things in life, the simpler, the better.
Marimekko fabrics look great from the street.
Your window treatments contribute to both the interior and exterior of your home so consider them from the road as well, not only during the day but also the night.
Your home looks more welcoming with comforting night-time windows.
Some tips to keep in mind when selecting your window treatments:
1. Remember your budget.
2. One can easily get caught up in the beauty of the fabrics and forget if it's suitable for the room.
3. Ask yourself whether you need insulation against cold or noise.
4. Do you need to keep light out at night or only screen the room from the street?
5. Will there be any fire hazards nearby?
If your home is street level an easy way to prevent passers-by from peering in is to hang up a large display such as the daisy above.
© stacy reynaud

Your windows can be a way of expressing your individuality without really being seen. Take the opportunity to make them your own.
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What's old is new again. Remember when you shop, shop for style not trends, quality not quantity.
Below are five images taken from the same year. Which year do you think it was? Leave your answer in the comment section. We'll post the answer on May 1st, 2009.

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What Not to Wear: 10 Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Fashion is a lot like riding a bike. You fall off, you get back up, brush yourself off and try again. Once you learn, you'll never forget.
Here are ten tips on how to stay out of the "Don't" pictures and get into the "Do's"
1. Stripes and Checks
You've seen it before, you'll see it again. Stripes and checks/plaid worn together. Somewhat more prevalent when the sun comes out - checked bermuda shorts and horizontal striped golf shirts.
Do - Choose a solid color shirt that pulls out a color in the pattern. You'd be surprised at how versatile the check can be once you start using this technique.
2. Suspenders and Belt
With the 80s British skin head inspired look popping up, remember, both accessories are meant to hold up your trousers.
Do - Choose either one or the other. If you're wearing a boldly colored suspender, such as red, go with black footwear. Don't be afraid to add another brightly colored accoutrement such as a handkerchief or bracelet to play off the color.
3. Socks and Sandals
An obvious to some but adhered to by so few. Yes, it's comfortable but so are your boxers and you don't wear those out in public.
Do - Choose a sandal appropriate to your lifestyle. If you walk a lot find one with arch support and a flexible sole. If you're mainly into posing not walking the sky's the limit.
4. Tank Tops and Jeans
Unless you're a ranch hand or coal miner. See #3 above
Do - Choose a loose fitting light weight shirt if you get warm in the summer. Sleeveless shirts are okay as long as they're loose. Remember, if you're wearing one fitted piece the other should be loose. No one wants to see you in a unitard.
5. White Socks and Black Shoes
Do - If you didn't do your laundry the night before you're still safe. Grab a pair of black ones and wash them up in the sink, squeeze them out and roll them in a dry towel stepping on it to expel any excess water. Roll and step a few times then let the socks air dry over night. Voila.
6. VPL - visible panty line
It can be worse than walking around with toilet paper stuck on your foot. Everyone notices but you.
Do - If you have VPL your trousers are either too tight or you're not wearing the appropriate undergarments or lack thereof. Ask a trusted friend before you go out; 'Do I have VPL?'.
7. Dark Undergarments Under Light Colored Clothes and Vice Versa
You've seen the horrors produced by the camera flash or even worse the black light at the club when one is wearing white under black. The same is true with dark under white. It looks cheap. Sure, Madonna did it in '85 but you're not Madonna and it's 2009.
Do - Choose underwear that is the same color as the clothes you are wearing. If you're wearing white, nude color is best.
8. Dandruff, Underarm Stains and Smelly Feet
As above, this is the 21st Century and there are products and services that help eliminate these problems. The well presented individual will not let their bodily functions tamper with their credibility.
Do - See a doctor about your dandruff. There are high grade shampoos available that will get rid of it. For those pit stained shirts, get rid of them. No matter how many times you wash or dry clean them it'll still be there. Carry a spare shirt and/or try clear antiperspirant. Smelly feet are a big turn off and sometimes even noticed through your shoes. For shoes, choose cotton socks and, like the shirt, carry a spare. Odor preventing insoles do help as long as you change them. For sandals, wash the inside of your sandals with soap and water - even if they're leather. Don't put talc in your sandals. It only makes them slimy. Leave the talc for the end of the day and put it on your freshly washed feet.
9. Keep your shirt on.
Anyone reading this post already cares about how they present themselves so it probably isn't relevant but please spread the word. Call me old fashioned but there's something very undignified about a man walking around the city bare chested.
Do - See numbers 3 and 4 above.
10. Save the Shower for Water
You may know one of these individuals. They over scent themselves and usually with a vile smelling one at that. Water is meant to shower in, not cologne.
Do - Use just a dab on a pulse point. That's all you need.
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Apr 17, 2009

How To Wear A Pocket Square

I've been noticing a revival of the breast pocket handkerchief. I like the look but I'm not sure how to wear it. Tips? via email

You're right. No longer just a staple with the Rex Harrison crowd, the handkerchief, aka the pocket square, is making a comeback. Like a pair of fine shoes, a well made handkerchief can add zap to an otherwise dull outfit.
Here are five tips to follow when adding a handkerchief to your ensemble.
1. The handkerchief should not match the tie.
2. It should be placed in the breast pocket like it is being used. To achieve this look fold the handkerchief into a square. Pinch the fabric in the middle. Pick it up. Fold the bottom portion and insert into the breast pocket folded bit down. The points of the handkerchief should be pointing out with gusto.
3. A white handkerchief should only be worn with a white shirt.
4. To fully achieve the elegance a handkerchief implies, it should have a hand-rolled hem.
5. Don't reserve the handkerchief only for suits. If wearing a vest without a jacket, add a handkerchief in the vest breast pocket for some extra flare. A silk handkerchief added to a blazer with jeans adds sophistication.

Apr 16, 2009

Bijou Living Goes To Palm Springs

Ace Hotel Poolside
photo courtesy Ace Hotel
image © D.L. Thompson & Jon Johnson

Whatever your preconceived notions of Palm Springs are they may be put aside.
The Coachella Valley city, that was once Golden Age Hollywood’s cottage community for the stars, is reinterpreting itself, very quietly, as a destination for culture, mid-century architecture, art and of course, extremely laid back recreation (a 2003 Condé Nast Traveler edition named Palm Springs one of the top ten global vacation destinations). Sure, there are some kitschy bits geared at a particular tourist set but go with an open mind, participate, have a laugh and open up.
image Stacy Reynaud 
The recession has hit Palm Springs particularly hard. Many modernist homes are for sale at rock bottom prices, hotel room rates can be below advertised and store fronts are vacant. However, with the opening of the hyper cool Ace Hotel, the counter culture community of Joshua Tree only 32 miles northeast and Indio’s annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival growing in popularity, Palm Springs is going to see a new set of inhabitants who are not going to be just passing through.
Joshua Tree Farmers Market

What to do
The Certified Farmers Market at Joshua Tree
In the front lot of 61675 29 Palms Hwy.
Every Saturday from 8am – noon
Tommy Jacobs’ Bel Air Greens
1001 South El Cielo Road
Unpretentious 9-hole golf, Par 32
Very affordable
Tee time reservations: 1.800.727.8331
Palm Springs Skate Park
401 South Pavilion Way
30,000 sq ft if you don't skate just go check it out - especially at night
called one of the best skate parks in Southern California by Socalskateparks.com
City owned - view the website here.

Palm Springs City Hall
image Stacy Reynaud 

Self Guided Modernist Architecture Tour
Pick up the map at the Palm Springs Info Centre – formerly tramway gas station.
The staff are passionate about their city. Go talk to them.
2901 North Palm Canyon Drive

The road to Joshua Tree

image Stacy Reynaud 
Joshua Tree National Park
Explore 550,000 acres of high desert landscape
visit their website for planning
Palm Springs Art Gallery
Participate in one of the gallery’s many festivities like Dia de Los Muertos
101 Museum Dr.

Vintage Corvette

image Stacy Reynaud

Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions
244 N. Indian Canyon Dr.
The Ace Hotel & Swim Club
701 E. Palm Canyon Dr.

Ace Hotel
photo courtesy Ace Hotel
image © D.L. Thompson & Jon Johnson
Le Parker Méridien
4200 East Palm Canyon Dr.
Joshua Tree Inn
Room 8 is where musician/songwriter Gram Parsons spent his last hours.
61259 29 Palms Hwy
Vacation Palm Springs
1276 N Palm Canyon Dr. #211

Where to shop
The Estate Sale Co.
4185 E. Palm Canyon Dr.
From 70s Gucci luggage to Saarinen tables

Interior Gallagher Antiques
stacy reynaud

Palm Canyon Galleria
457 N. Palm Canyon Dr.
Curtis Jeré wall hangings, Sciolari chandeliers

Some of the best thrifting! Do a search online
and plan out your day!

Trina Turk
891 N. Palm Canyon Dr.
Housed in a 60s Albert Frey building
Joshua Tree Hospice Thrift Shop
61675 29 Palms Hwy,
Joshua Tree
This thrift shop really packs a punch.

Interior Mount Fuji General Store

Stacy Reynaud 
Mount Fuji General Store
61740C 29 Palms Hwy.
Joshua Tree, behind Teacakes Bakery
Described as BC meets Japan in the desert by proprietor Chantale Doyle.

Where to Eat

Palm Greens Cafe
611 S Palm Canyon Dr.
vegan and veg
Palm Springs Koffi
515 N Palm Canyon Dr
cookies, coffee, muffins, sandwiches
Peppers Thai Cuisine
396 N Palm Canyon Dr

Rosa cooking up the love at Ricochet
stacy reynaud

61705 29 Palms Hwy
Joshua Tree, next to Joshua Tree Outfitters
Sit at the counter and talk to Rosa as she cooks in front of you.

Interior Pappy & Harriet's

image Stacy Reynaud
Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace
53688 Pioneertown Rd.
Pioneertown - 15 minute drive south from Joshua Tree
Pub and music venue. $2 beer during Happy Hour, some of the best indie bands play here, the decor is worth the trip

The Adidas JS Wings Have Landed

Surely to fly out of stores as quickly as they flew in, the Adidas JS Wings release date of March 2009 has been greatly anticipated by sneaker freaks the world around. Designed by avant-garde artist Jeremy Scott, the high top leather kicks with removable wings, are part of a limited edition series, Originals by Originals, by Adidas.

Available at Sneaker Box in Vancouver and select retailers worldwide.

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5 Inspirational Facts About Christian Dior

1. Dior launched his first Christian Dior couturier collection at the age of 42.

2. The reluctant couturier initially broke off negotiations with his investors via telegram due to panic. On the advice of a fortune-teller, he quickly undid the effects of his refusal and negotiations resumed, therein consummating one of the world's greatest Maisons.

3. A love of architecture inspired him to produce clothes that emphasized the 'ethereal appearance' of the female body. He designed clothes that accented the width of the female hips, gave prominence to the bust and demanded presence in a room.

4. He believed the most important feature of his life was his good luck.

5. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Dior was taught, by friends, how to draw and paint. A 'faithful' friend managed to sell 120 francs worth of Dior's fashion sketches and in Dior's own words it was those 120 francs that, '...decided my future then, and were to illuminate my whole life for the future.'.

For more inspiration read: Dior by Dior: The Autobiography of Christian Dior
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Apr 10, 2009

8 Magazines That Should Stay Glossy

My father circa 1965
stacy reynaud

I noticed Rolling Stone and DETAILS changed the weight of their paper. Being 'green' or cost cutting, you decide. Nothing beats thumbing through a glossy design, interiors or fashion mag.

So, please, for your print audience and collectors don't change your paper:

1. The entire empire of European Vogue
2. ELLE Decor
3. Wallpaper
4. National Geographic
5. Veranda
6. UK Harper's Bazaar
7. iD
8. European GQ

Apr 9, 2009

How To Hang A Picture Wall For Under $20

Vintage photographs can be picked up for pocket change at flea markets, charity shops, or yard sales, not to mention your family's own attic.

To get the look above, grab some boxes out of the recycling or hit a shoe store, a lot of clients leave the boxes and their lids behind and the staff will be happy to give them to you for free. Don't forget to pick up some bright paint - the little sample sizes are perfect for this project. Mount the pictures on top of the boxes, or cut out the boxes and use them as mats with the pictures attached to the underside.

For an even more unique picture wall do a theme like anonymous pets, 70s fashion or random unknown families.

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Searching the World for Success

I blame North America for my wayward world wanderings and misdirection in life. The misguided values I was taught of always ‘reaching for your dreams’, being ‘all that you can be’, and the idea that who you are is based on what you do for a living, left me searching for an impossibly perfect existence.

Like a good Canadian girl, I followed those values for many years by diligently attending school studies, going to college, and focusing on my career and bank balance. Until one day I found myself wondering what the purpose of it all was for. I had achieved a nice house with nice surroundings and I was well on my way to securing a safe nest egg for the future. Yet this wasn’t all that I could be? What next? A promotion, a husband, 2.3 kids, and a picket fence? This wasn’t my dream and I wasn’t satisfied with the monotony of expected existence.

Grief stricken at the concept of a continuous climb up the corporate ladder and the haunting constraints of future children, I jumped off the traditional wagon of life progression, left a blossoming media career and relocated to London, England.

Starting from scratch by serving 6am coffees to burly tradesmen in a seedy North London café wasn’t the most pleasurable of experiences, but proved an easy tradeoff for the joy of experiencing a new and different culture. My work experience soon led me to slightly more sophisticated office jobs and a sense of the bustling London shuffle of life. The glamour of being in one of the most exciting and active cities in the world was electrifying for my twenty something search for worldly sophistication, yet I was still reaching for some sort of career success that I was told would inevitably follow persistence and hard work. After a few years of squeezing onto rush hour public transport and watching my smile fade into a blur of bustling bodies - all scouring to make their mark in the world, the weariness soon took its toll.

I started to wonder if the feelings I was experiencing were of regret? Everything I had achieved still left me feeling empty. Career progression seemed so much easier to find back in Canada. If I had stayed in my birth country, I would now be a tower of corporate success. Everything that I loved about Canada started calling me back – the fresh air, the open spaces, and the comfort of my family and friends. Yet, in my mind, returning to Canada was to be a step backwards – a signal of failure. Despite my desire to return to an easier life, I forced myself to continue forth.

It wasn’t until I gave it all up again and embarked on a business venture to Spain that I realized my journey was one of necessity to lead me here. Granted, the adventure I undertook was not one of peace, tranquility and fortune – but it did introduce me to an incredible new way of living and a place to finally call home after a 10 year search.

Why do I love Spain so? Because Spain has taught me to just ‘be’. This country prioritizes itself not on living to work, but working to live. I am constantly surrounded by the simple pleasures of good food, good wine and good people – all in no hurry to make their mark on the world, simply enjoying the existence they have. Once I stopped trying to find my place in the world, it came to me. I now realize that I needed my beginnings in Canada to understand a quality of life. But I also needed to live in London to understand that life does not revolve around one of the world’s epicenters. I have finally discarded my preconceived notions of what my life should be, and am concentrating on what my life is.

I went from the comfort and safety of my home country to the big city and bright lights of London England, to my new found spiritual home of Spain. No one knows what I do for a living here. And no one cares. No one cares how much money I have or don’t have. What they do care about is who I am.

Who am I? Without the shackles of a corporate ladder beckoning at my backside, perhaps now I’ll have the time to find out.

Dawn Buckler’s book “STRIPPED IN SPAIN - One woman's journey through foreign relocation, relationship, and renovation disaster” can be purchased at www.dawnandrocco.com.

- Dawn Buckler

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1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila floor: Charro Negro

Charro Negro

Favorite drink of celeb: Antonio Bandares
Ingredients: salt, fresh lime, ice, cola, 100% agave tequila
How to Create: Squeeze half a lime into a glass, then rub the rim with the remainder of lime and scrape the extra pulp onto the glass rim. Shake 1/4 tsp or more of salt into the glass hitting the lime rim while doing so. Stir until salt is disintegrated. Add ice to your preference. Add 1 shot of 100% agave tequila. Fill the glass with cola.

- Rockelle

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How To Decorate Like An Interior Designer - Chairs

Interiors are all about juxtaposition in '09. Refurbishing and reinvigorating. There are great design inspirations scattered across this great world of ours. Here's a sampling of inspirational chairs from the West Coast of the United States and Canada.

1. Recovered Mid Century Teak, Vancouver, BC - mine
image © stacy reynaud 2009

2. Victorian Velvet, Fremont, WA - Sunday Street Sale
image © stacy reynaud 2009

3. Modern Chrome Bar Stools, Palm Springs, CA - estate sale
image © stacy reynaud 2009

4a. Early '70s Executive Chair - check out the back

4b. An old coffin perhaps, Palm Springs, CA - estate sale
image © stacy reynaud 2009

5. 60s Modern, Seattle, WA - yard sale
image © stacy reynaud 2009

6. '70s Spanish American Iron Bar Stools - Palm Springs, CA - estate sale
image © stacy reynaud 2009

7. '60s Danish Modern Rattan Teak and Leather, Fremont WA - antique mall
image © stacy reynaud 2009

8. Velvet Queen Anne, Crescent City, CA - thrift store
image © stacy reynaud 2009

9. '70s Purple Velvet, Victoria, BC - thrift store
image © stacy reynaud

Apr 4, 2009

A Eulogy For My Friend And Inspiration

Posted April 4, 2009

I'm writing this eulogy in my '70s silver lurex jungle print wedding dress. It was chosen for me 20 hours before my wedding, May 1, 2007, by my mentor, inspiration and friend for 25 years, Ken at Deluxe. Ken passed away in September, I only found out today, the same day I found out Ken's last name was Spada.

Last names didn't matter in our world. What did matter was our shared passion for haute couture, the divine '30s and the ability to speak crassly with one another. If any other man would have told me I'd look better if I wore heels to hike up my ass and tits I would've clocked him. I respected Ken and his honesty.

It was 1984 when I first walked into his vintage shop, Deluxe Junk, I was a 14 year old kid and I wanted to sell him some clothes I bought at a thrift store with my allowance money. He wouldn't buy them outright but we agreed on a consignment deal. All my items sold and thus began a relationship that lasted 25 years.

By accepting my vintage pieces into his shop in '84, Ken taught me to have confidence in myself, my individuality and my dreams.

The years passed and my dreams began to turn to realities. My vintage collections were shown in prestigious exhibitions in New York City and Los Angeles and Ken was the first person I'd come running to with stories. He could have cared less who was there or who I sold to, he only cared what was there.

In 2005 Ken wasn't at the shop as much as he used to be, due to illness, and I missed going in to shoot the shit and talk shop with him. However, I was lucky enough to go by one day and I saw him there, standing, the gate keeper guarding the passageway to vintage heaven (the back room). It was then that I knew it was the right moment to tell Ken he was my inspiration. I thanked him for teaching me everything I know about haute couture, passion and perseverance. He looked out of place and told me he thought I'd probably be a dominatrix in the bedroom.

It's because of Ken at Deluxe that I am where I am today. He may no longer be here in body but he will forever be my inspiration and I will miss him more than words can express.

We will meet again my friend, only then I'll be in Chanel and wearing six inch heels.

Apr 3, 2009

From Vandalism To Home Decor - Graffiti Interiors

Graffiti Pillow
image © lovegrove & repucci

n. 1. (usu. in pl.) a piece of writing or drawing scribbled, scratched or sprayed on a surface. 2. Art a form of decoration made by scratches on wet plaster, showing a different colored under-surface. The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

I had first come across the work of Lovegrove & Repucci while thumbing through an art mag a few months back when some photos of graffiti tableware (NY Delft) caught my eye. I contacted Demian Repucci and Nick Lovegrove, the duo behind design collaborative Lovegrove & Repucci, to ask them a few simple questions about some of their new pieces; 'Graffiti Pillows' and 'Urban(e)' silk scarves. Their answers were so eloquent, specific and significant that I've chosen to publish them in their whole.

Who did the graffiti? Was it done on one big medium and then transposed digitally?
'We photographed graffiti in its natural habitat - delivery trucks, walls, alleys, etc. Then we manipulated the graffiti with Photoshop to make it into our own amalgam of sorts. Once the section was selected it was then digitally printed on the cotton twill covers (Graffiti Pillows).
'Urban(e)' Graffiti Silk Scarf
image © lovegrove & repucci

The same sort of process was used for our 'Urban(e)' Silk Scarves. I think the scarves are especially lovely in that the graffiti is done in fine silk. Quite a juxtaposition.

Both projects take what could be considered banal, culturally 'base' or vandalism even and put it in a different context. High fashion or home decor. Elevating one's perception of it (hopefully) from eye sore to art.'
Graffiti Pillow
image © Lovegrove & Repucci

Like the graffiti that inspired them, the Graffiti Pillows are a limited edition. There will be 500 of each. You may order them online from Lovegrove & Repucci by clicking here.

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Apr 2, 2009

How To Wallpaper with Newspaper

wallpaper with player piano sheet music
photo Stacy Reynaud

Ace Hotel has drawn attention to boring walls using a material not usually associated with wall coverings - player piano music. 

Achieve this look by using ordinary papers such as 
comics, sheet music, maps, blueprints, magazine cuttings, newspaper, paper doilies, or heavy foil—the more creative, the better.

wallpaper with newspaper
image © 1974 General Publishing

How to wallpaper with newspapers and other stuff.


Polyurethane can be omitted. However, it gives a glossy protective coating.

**If you decide to use polyurethane, make sure it's water-based, or it will smear and run the print, and the picture from the other side will show through.

The polymer medium can be used as an undercoat and a final coat.

collage with magazine wallpaper
image © 1974 General Publishing
  1. Cut the strips of paper you want to use and turn them face down on a work surface.
  2. Apply polymer medium with a sponge brush to the surface. Do only a small section because it dries quickly.
  3. Place the strips of paper on the wet surface and press down.
  4. Coat it lightly with the medium; if foam forms on the paper, it will not dry clear.
  5. Continue to cover the surface this way; overlap the edges and corners as you continue to make the collage.
  6. Rinse the sponge brush thoroughly so you can reuse it.
use vintage maps as wallpaper
image © 1974 General Publishing

7. Once both sides have a coating of the polymer medium, they are sealed, and regular water-based polyurethane varnish can be applied on top. The polymer medium is used as a gluing agent and a sealer for the paper.
8. (optional) Use a paintbrush to Coat all surfaces with glossy water-based polyurethane. 
This gives the paper a hard protective finish. It takes 24 hours to dry and must be painted evenly in one direction.

try wallpapering with tinfoil
image © 1974 General Publishing

9. If you decide to omit the polyurethane finish, the surface will require several polymer medium coats to give it a final finish. This dries within fifteen to twenty minutes. The finish will not be as smooth as the polyurethane and will turn white if anything wet touches it for a prolonged period. Other than that, the finish is highly durable.

Here is an old dresser I papered:

wallpaper with vintage comics and graphic novels

Tilley makes sure the table is sturdy.
(RIP 2000 - 2019)

I grabbed this trashed side table, raided the complimentary newspapers, picked up some sponge brushes at the dollar store and invested in some polymer medium at our favourite art store. 

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