Feb 29, 2012

He Asked About A Broken Heart

Rice Lake

Someone recently asked me for advice on dealing with a broken heart. He defined his situation as one in which he'd, 'lost his love'. I asked if he was referring to love as an animate or inanimate object. He answered animate but was inkling towards inanimate. To him, I answered something like this:

I believe in different kinds of love. In life, one may come across many, a few, one or maybe even none.

There is the love that hurts and makes one weep.
The love that poisons and makes one sick.
The teenage love one looks back on and smiles.
The love that one cannot remember
and the love that is comfortable and easy.

Those are the different kinds of love I know. There is no use in trying to forget love. Love never dies. It's like a ghost, summoned by one of our senses to appear at a certain sight, sound, taste, touch or smell. Someone once told me, after a devastating break up, that I should mourn its end. Treat it as if it had physically died, eulogize it, cry, bury it and grieve. I did this. I wrote a eulogy for it and went and sat in the forest to mourn. I think I may have even worn black for awhile, after all, if you're going to do it you might as well do it right.

What have I learned?

Never compare the different kinds of love.
A broken heart will heal yet a scar will remain.
Sometimes a scar hurts if it's bumped.
Don't bother trying to forget.
Accept that there are different kinds of love of different intensities.
The best way to love is to allow someone to love you.

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone... but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Khalil Gibran

Feb 28, 2012

Fashion Bloggers and Brandwashing


A few weeks ago Syed, at Dapper Kid, wrote a great post about fashion bloggers and transparency. I commented on how I doubted the transparency of Jak & Jil at times. My viewpoint was formed after seeing way too many black quilted vintage (?) Chanel shoulder bags and a certain type of phone in a series of posts on Jak & Jil. These high gloss street style bloggers have always left me with my doubts - it's time to move on marketers. Today, in my reader, four new posts from Jak and Jil came in - each titled Tommy Ton for Club Monaco. Thank you Mr. Ton, for your transparency. I, for one, greatly appreciate it.

For more on brandwashing take a peak at Martin Lindstrom's book, Brandwashed.

Quote of the Week - Jack Kerouac

One day I will find the right words and they will be simple.

Feb 23, 2012

Last Weekend

It rained so hard even the crows were soaked.

We picked up some Springtime and headed over to Rachel and Eddie's place

for some champagne cocktails

and an attempt at making this extreme Chocolate Wasted Cake. According to Rachel, remember I'm the bartender, it didn't work properly because there weren't any eggs.

We poured Kahlua over it and ate it anyway.

I husked tulips.

stacy reynaud

Morello hung out

and Gabriella hid.

Their building turned 101 last year - the tenants had a street party (welcome to the West End).

An apartment like theirs is perfect for introverted me and my ADD.

There is so much to look at my eyes don't stop - which means I don't really need to talk.

I can disappear into one of the five rooms (I despise open concept) and try on her Grandma's jewelry

or admire pillows bought on Etsy and Polaroid collages of loved ones.

Even the trees keep me entertained.

Her flower garden is continuously growing. On my next visit I'll bring her some of mine.

Feb 21, 2012

Currently Listening To

Last night I was looking for a video of Dinah Washington singing, Baby Did You Hear Me? All I could find were cheesy remixes. As a last resort I tried rcrdlbl. Do you ever go there just to read the awesome band names? While looking for Dinah, I came to the conclusion that David Dead Deer should compose a new album, Ghost Wolf of the Panda Woodland.
Okay, Verve, I will now go and purchase Dinah's single.

Feb 20, 2012

1966 House and Garden Building Guide

House and Garden Building Guide was published twice a year by Condé Nast. You could send away for blueprints for homes like this. Just for fun, I was going to send my $20 for the 'Complete package for one house' to the address provided.
image above: Glass and steel house designed in 1949 by Philip Johnson, New Canaan Connecticut, Fall Winter 1966-67 House & Garden

Feb 17, 2012

252K Bathroom

When I was 14 I went to visit my best friend in Santa Barbara. She had her own en suite with a window in her shower that opened onto a back yard filled with lemon trees. Since that moment, I have dreamt of having a shower with an opening window in it. Today, I received an email update from the Palm Springs Real Estate guide I subscribe to featuring a 2084 sq ft mid century home, consisting of four bedrooms, original galley kitchen, swimming pool and this shower/bathtub with a sliding door to the back yard in it. How sweet is that? Very sweet. In my eyes, I could make that washroom alone worth the 252K they're asking for the whole house.

images and details via trulia

Feb 15, 2012

Quote of the Week - John Malkovich

The ghosts you chase you never catch.

Electric Chocolate Lilies