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Don't Eat Too Much

your turkeys won't be able to tow you. Happy Thanksgiving

6 Gifts For the Geek Who Has Everything

1.  USB storage skull ring handmade to order 8 GB of storage
2.  Electronic Bubble Wrap Key Chain that's right, it makes the bubble wrap sound when you pop the bubbles 3.  Luminodot
The 21st Century Lite Brite! 4.  USB 8GB Flash Drive Lighter
'sure to keep up appearances'
5.  The E-Cigarette - the electronic cigarette  view the demo video here 6.  LED Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote
put this one on my wish list

The Traffic Jam Recreated

How many times have you been stuck in traffic and asked yourself why the car ahead of you doesn't move up?  The Mathematical Society of Traffic Flow in Japan may have scientifically solved the true nature of the traffic jam. Researchers argue that vehicles clump together at a certain point on a track resulting in a shock-wave effect running backwards through the traffic. Watch the demonstration video embedded above or view it here.

The Obama Pet

If it were only as simple as cat or dog.   The Roosevelt children had a pet.  A lovable one legged rooster. One-legged Rooster - pet of the Roosevelt children photo Library of Congress (PPOC)

We're All A Bunch of Show Offs

Does that mean no one likes us? If you were at Lollapolooza '92 you may remember the interactive video sound loop thingamajig set up in the village part.  Here you had a chance to compose your own music to looped scenes of drag racing, space launches, animals fornicating or overall destruction - somewhat Koyaanisqatsi or Baraka esque in feel.  A clip from Koyaanisqatsi is above - you can also view it here.The lineup at Lollapolooza '92 was headlined by Ice Cube, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Ministry, and Jesus and Mary Chain - so yes, the stoner interactive video sound loop thingamajig was a hit. The 21st Century Check out Uniqlo's 'Create Your Loop!' an irritating, interactive and supposedly addictive viral marketing campaign directed at hipsters.  Get your mute button ready but do check it out!
Utloop a hipster t-shirt marketing campaign

Sex, The Economy, and The Guerrilla Marketer

Courbet Should Nevada's brothels apply for a government bail out too? The world's oldest profession has been hit by the economic downturn.  The industry has a $400 million impact on the state of Nevada and generates about $50 million in revenues but in the last 18 months disposable income, aka the fun fund, has been going the way of the condom - down the toilet. Revenues for the 25 brothels in the Nevada Brothel Owners' Association are down by as much as 45 percent.  Stats on the women's individual earnings can be found here. If done correctly,  guerrilla marketing tactics could work brilliantly here. viral marketingambient marketingpresence marketinggrassroots marketingwild postingstissue pack advertisingundercover marketingastroturfingalternative marketingexperiential marketingGo here to read a great post on the definition of each type of guerrilla marketing tactic mentioned above. photo from weburbanist

What's Going On

Deborah Layton joined Peoples Temple as a teenager. She left Jonestown six months before the suicides.  In the PBS film Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple she expresses her unhappiness with the world in the 1960s and 1970s and the desire to change it, noting Marvin Gaye's song "Mercy, Mercy Me" off the 1971 album What's Going On.  YouTube video embedded above, and here's the link. "...the whole time I was in college, I would go into the library -- they had headsets-- I'd ask them to put that entire tape on (What's Going On).  And it was all about "What is going on here, people," you know?  The war in Vietnam, everyone's upset.  And that sort of drifted into every aspect of my life...You know, we all seem to be lost here and that maybe it is time to get involved in something..."  Deborah Layton; Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2007) November 18th, 1978  Jonestown Massacre Jim Jones issues a suicide order co…

10 Rock n Roll Rider Requests Sure to Surprise

The Rider.   Musicians can become legends over these. These contracts can include specs on everything from dressing room 'vibe' and meals to transportation and opening act.  You're thinking about Van Halen, Black Sabbath and NKOB right now aren't you? Here are 10 musicians whose riders were and weren't what I expected:  Sheryl Crow - Mon. Makers Mark, Tues. Bombay Gin, Weds. Courvosier Brandy, Thurs. Good Quality Champagne, Fri. Silver Tequila, Sat. Absolut Vodka, Sun. Silver Tequila
Kid Rock - if McDonald's could of set up I'm sure they'd be there.
Coldplay - NO chardonnay, NO Stella, NO U.S. beer but stamped postcards are nice.
Prince - more like a spa than a gig. The Yogi tea and scented candles do add a nice touch.
LL Cool J - the driver must know where to find a Soul Food Cafe and that door better not say Jay.
Boy George - boy o boy happy hour starts at sound check and that black t-shirt better be ready.
Nine Inch Nails - who would've thought these guy…

May I Introduce You To...

Shocking Blue.One of Kurt's favourites.  Nirvana covered Love Buzz.  
You can view more  here.

Dear Apple Strategic Development

Signature series, limited edition pieces do very well. Why not try these:
1. Travis Millard - Fudge Factory Comics 2. Miss Van 3. Powell & Peralta Series
more pics here 4. Frank Frazetta 5. Basquiat
image copyright Artist Rights Society

23 Irritating Words and Phrases

There are certain words and phrases that wake a growling monster in me. Once they're said there's no going back.  You've lost me. Researchers at Oxford University have compiled a list of the top 10 most irritating expressions to coincide with the release of 'Damp Squid', Jeremy Butterfield's book which uncovers, 'a wealth of fascinating facts about the English language.'. Here is my personal list of the 23 most irritating words and expressions that make me want to... crumple up a ball of paper and throw it at the wall! get 'er done
cheers (for thank you)
you're joking
fashion forward
eco and green (as marketing buzz words)
we work hard and play hard
the bottom line is
no brainer
agree to disagree
ASAP (pronounced ay-sap)
it's not rocket science
value added
corporate culture/philosophy
at the end of the day
outside the box
I'm sorry, but...
it's all good
I need this yesterday
team (in a corporate setting)
I understand where you're coming from…

yes you CAN

go and find this album for your deep winter listening - Tago Mago~CANlisten to mushroom here

The Fashion Designer and the Comic Book Artist

Veronica dresses better than Betty. I think my first girl crush was on Veronica Lodge later to be replaced by Daphne Blake - which would probably explain my penchant for scarves and mini dresses.   As for my thing for Asterix, later to be replaced by Shaggy - I think it was the facial hair and titular heroism that did me in. When I read that Diane von Furstenberg had released a comic, Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be, published by DC Comics, I was intrigued.  The limited edition comic book features von Fursentberg's original story through the adventures of Diva, Viva and Fifa (get it - DVF) as well as bits by Lynda Carter and Gloria Steinem.  100% of the proceeds are for DVF's charity, Vital Voices. Check the pics out here.  Betty dresses better than these gals. John Galliano had a great comic inspired website in 2004 where one could dress the heroine, Ms. Galliano, in his current collection and lead her on 007 style adventures around the world - thigh high stilettos and all.  I'…

12 Best Boots for Dirty Girls

Q: PLEASE do a post on women's boots. I NEVER know what to buy! The walking down the street shopping kind of boot, or what to wear out for dinner with pants. I hate boots that are too fine to wear outside in real weather... DH A: Sure thing DH - Here are my best boots for women who aren't afraid to get dirty. 1. The Granny Boot 2. Faryl Robin 3. Yves Saint Laurent 4. Ann Demeulemeester
The tall lace ups are a must! 5. Golden Goose 6. Prada 7. Marc Jacobs 8. Dries Van Noten 9. Golden Goose 10. Alberto Fasciani 11. vintage military 12. YSL
Stefano Pilati can do no wrong

How to Make A Cool Floor Lamp

DIY Stovepipe Floor Light

Like a small budget, a small space calls for imagination and efficiency. The stovepipe light above casts a warm glow and provides an accent to furniture groupings. The piece is imaginatively created from lengths of galvanized stovepipe in six and eight inch diameter sizes. You can find stovepipe and other jewels at Habitat for Humanity ReStore or your local hardware store.

What to do: Cut the stovepipe in five lengths that vary from 16-30 inches and buff the sections to the desired shine.
Cut five discs from 3/4 inch plywood to fit tightly in the bottom of each tube.
Attach a ceramic fixture and common wiring to each disc (found at a hardware store).
Insert mini-spot bulbs into the fixtures.
Insert the discs into the tubes.
Place the entire unit on a 3/4 inch plywood base, cut to size.
Spray paint the base black. **Don't use oversize or high wattage bulbs because they will over heat. If the pipes become too hot or need ventilation, drill small holes near the bas…

Andy who?

'don't keep me waiting lover there isn't much time'Watch Mirror

10 Best Men's Desert Boots

Desert boots are back. Probably to the chagrin of more than a few clicky shoe wearers. When looking for your boots online remember that desert boots are sometimes called chukkas. Desert boots, traditionally, have two or three eyelets.

Here are 10 picks for best looking desert boots:
1. Common Projects 2. Camper Pep
3. Rehacer Folk
4. Chronicles of Never

5. f-troupe

6. Earth 7. Frye 8. Clarks 9. Camper

10. Ikon - Crowley

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