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I met this woman years ago and she was wearing a really nice scent so I asked her what it was; she replied that it was an essential oil blend. Further inquiry yielded it was her 'own blend', and it was 'private'. Pft, well then. She was weird anyway - and had a haunted basement.

Remember what happened to Jean-Baptiste Grenouille - the protagonist of Patrick Suskind's Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? If you haven't read the book just go to the library and read the last chapter - (I call that technique, How to be Successful in Earning Your History Degree. For shame!).

Anyway, as you know, I'm a huge fan of Le Labo so the appropriate first stop for me on a recent trip to Los Angeles was 8385 West 3rd. I tell you, the last time I had been that excited was in 1978 at the Flintsones Amusement Park.  I was greeted by two gorgeous gals who thought my Vancouver accent was 'cute' (?). My mission was to get a bottle of Musc 25, the LA exclusive scent - which you can only buy online once a year. Well, for Ms. ADHD here, the store was just too much! Thankfully, I was reminded that I'd only traveled with carry on luggage and therefore couldn't bring any liquid over 3 ounces with us on the plane. I opted for the Musc 25 perfume oil and a handful of samples for loved ones. It took everything to hold me back from also buying the Oud 27, Patchouli 24 and Santal 33. Oh well, they have free shipping so there's always online.

Now that I'm back home, (and venturing out into society), people are asking me what scent I'm wearing. Usually, I wear amber resin, or essential oils of cedar and patchouli - which are pretty hard to carry off and folks don't have the wherewithal to scope them out. Where am I going with this post? Where do you think?

So, let's all smell the same - to save ourselves from the fate of Grenouille! It's City Exclusive time online at Le Labo again!