My Favourite Fall Comfort Food

stacy reynaud

I was at my doctor the other day getting lectured on the importance of eating. You see, I'm one of those eat to live not live to eat types. Most of the time I actually forget to eat and then it's too late - I'm hangry. Relate? Anyway, the good Doc said, 'Stace, even if you eat the same thing all the time just eat.' When she said that, I heard that Gates of Heaven sound. Thank you Doctor. Now can I have a Doctor's note for that please?

Thanks to my public servant holidays, I have the summers off and thus, have the apartment and meal time regimes to myself. My summer noms consist of:
  1. peanut butter and banana rice cakes or roll ups
  2. avocados
  3. soda water
  4. Tropix smoothies from the Anchor Eatery
  5. iced coffee 
  6. almonds and dried cranberries
  7. Yves veggie dogs (piggies in a blanket because I roll them in a wrap)
  8. boozicles
stacy reynaud

Quite a high fat diet now that I look at it in black and white. Oh well, as they say, 'It's good fat.'

Once Fall kicks around I find comfort in chowing down strictly on:
  1. coconut oil baked yam fries
  2. hot almond milk with matcha
  3. mashed ginger yams
  4. hot almond milk with black strap molasses
  5. Papier mâché - aka plain oatmeal
  6. stove popped coconut oil, agave and cayenne popcorn
  7. cold-pressed juice - I like my juice room temperature and don't do smoothies in the Fall/Winter because they're too cold.

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