Oct 10, 2013

My Top Picks from Interior Design Show West

I'll tell you first off what wasn't my favourite - the Mah Jong sofa by Roche Bobois. I've idolized this sofa on pages of magazines for years. I've even posted about it here way back in 2008, (and how I sold all my furniture when I was in a mood). This is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on, (even more than my peacock chair).

Please pardon my crappy phone photos.

There was a table setting competition and this woodland theme was by far the most popular.

The feature wall of the woodland room.

Do you ever feel like sometimes skulls are the equivalent of birds, as in, 'Put a bird on it.'?

This was cute. A table with a terrarium built in - sans bird.

Gorgeous ceramics by Haejin Lee

I liked this textured fake brick for a wall in our apartment, (the wall that is concrete and we can't hang anything on).

This was the Scandinavian table in the table setting competition.

These were the best truffles I've ever had in my life. Bowen Island Chocolatier Cocoa West. They have an online shop and a B&B.

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