You Know This Pile of Dirt - Another West Vancouver Home Demolition

The Baker Residence
Architect Peter Faulkner Smith
Altamont West Vancouver BC
built 1958 - demolished 2014
image Stacy Reynaud

View my post and interior photos of the home from April 2013 
image Stacy Reynaud blueprints from the estate of Faulkner Smith

The home was listed as a significant West Vancouver support building. 
The West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945-1975, (West Vancouver, BC, 1994), pg 88. 
Architect - Peter Faulkner-Smith 
Date - June 1, 1958 
Location - Altamont, West Vancouver, BC 

I'll post a photo of its replacement once it's built.

all images by Stacy Reynaud