Jun 19, 2024

You're Trying to Kill Me


Grassy Point, Hornby Island

She told me about her nightmares. 
Almost every night, she dreamt she was locked in jail. 
Someone was trying to kill her, and she couldn’t get out. 
It’s quite apparent what that dream is indicative of. 
For 40 years, she’s lived on that island. 
A very scared and nervous human. 
Extremely thin. 
Perhaps in her early 70s.
Was a professional ski racer. 
She got a white puppy during the pandemic. 
Her garden is massive, and she’s known for her green thumb. 
She has a Master’s in counselling psychology. 
And went through a particularly nasty divorce twelve years ago. 
He still lives on the island. 
Taunts her. 
Her new partner (who gave me bad vibes) recently moved in with her. 
Apparently, that’s what the men do on the island. 
Unmotivated shleps go there with a purpose – to find lonely women, woo them, move in with them – and freeload while they 
proceed to drink their faces off. 
I was warned many times by the women on the island to 
stay far away from all the men. 
They’ll use you all winter and take off in the Spring. 
Keep your blinds closed - you’re blonde. 
If you date any of these losers, we can’t be friends anymore.
I’m quite sure I heard a story or two about all of them. 
Perhaps, but at least I was prepared if they approached me. 
In the summer of 2021, she and I were out for a hike up Heliwell, and she asked, You’re vaccinated, right? 
I shit you not, she ran away from me. 
Crazed, shouting over her shoulder,
You're trying to kill me! 
She started crying. 
Don’t tell so and so (her partner.) He can’t know I was with you! He can’t know! 
She then asked me to tie my jacket
around my face
for the remainder of the hike. 
I didn’t. 
I told her to walk ahead if she was uncomfortable. 
When we were about to get in her car, she said, 
I don’t think you should get in the car. 
Well, it might be okay if you tie the jacket around your face, keep your head out the open window, and don't talk. 
We drove home. 
Me being the asshole with my head sticking out the open window and her wearing three masks. 
I chose not to engage with her again. 
Her comments were ignorant and unstable.
The day I left, she came to say an awkward goodbye. 
But no apology. 
I gave her some puzzles and said farewell. 
It was sad because I thought she was level-headed – and a friend

The Wind