Jun 9, 2009

Design Lover: Charles Martin AD 11 Light

Designed in 1928 by Charles Martin, who is more commonly known as a set designer and illustrator for fashion journals, the classic AD11 table lamp is being reproduced by WOKA of Vienna. A weight fixates the lamp with a half rounded foot ensuring that it doesn't roll away. The arm can be tipped and the head can be turned to the side guaranteeing your light is always just right. Available in brass or nickel plated. Online at WOKA.

Jun 8, 2009

Quote of the Week - Albert Einstein

Few are those that see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. Albert Einstein

The Style Quiz 3 - The Answer

F/W 1987

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Jun 3, 2009

The Decline of West Coast Modernism

Many significant West Coast Modern homes are at risk due to rapidly increasing land values, lack of recognition, lack of maintenance and inappropriate alterations. Below are five before and after examples from West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The last selections show the deterioration of a significant modernist home due to lack of maintenance.

1. Before
W.G. Marr, Designer, 1950

Description of the home before demolition: Horizontality is the dominant design element in this single family home. A flat roof with exposed twinned roof beams adds a decorative feature to an otherwise modest facade. A small deck is cantilevered off the second floor living room. Horizontal board siding is used as the primary cladding material, broken into modular sections marked by vertical beams.
(from: 1994 West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945 - 1975)

1. After
2. Before 2060 Gisby St
Duncan McNab and Associates, Architects, 1961

Description of the home before demolition: Two storey house incorporates vertical board cladding and a low pitch side gable roof. Ribbon windows are used on the first and second floors. A distinctive breezeway and entry court is created by extending the roof beams over the carport. The site is enhanced by a rock retaining wall, and mature cedars and rhododendrons.
(from: 1994 West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945 - 1975)

2. After 2060 Gisby St.

3. Before
F.M. Polson, Architect, 1950

Description of the home before demolition: Two storey horizontal board clad structure capped with a dramatic monocline roof, and fronted by a two storey cantilevered deck. The residence is situated at the base of a hill, and retains its original landscaping, including shrubs and bushes which has now matured to provide lush surroundings. This house was published in the RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) Journal 1951. (from: 1994 West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945 - 1975)

3. After
4. Before
Arnulf H. Petzold, Architect, 1955

Description of the home before demolition: One storey vertical board clad structure, with a low pitch front gable roof, features a rectangular form with a central chimney, clerestory windows and an angled entry. The site is landscaped with a rockery feature at the entry, decorative fruit tree, spruce vine maple and many pines. (from: 1994 West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945 -1975)

4. After

5. Before
Lewis Construction Company, Designer, 1955

Description of the home before demolition: Two storey vertical board clad structure displays a rectangular form, exposed roof beams, a projecting second storey deck and ribbon windows. The site is extensively landscaped with a rock retaining wall, rockery garden with sculpted shrubs, river rock staircase, two mature cedar trees and decorative fruit trees.
(from: 1994 West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945 -1975)

5. After

Furniture can be reproduced and so can photographs, but architecture is unique and once it is lost it is gone for good.
Giovanni Brino

(click to enlarge)

Arthur Erickson & Geoffery Massey, Architects, 1966

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Heavy timbers are used to frame the form of the house, which steps down a very steep slope in a series of overlapping narrow triangles. Posts and beams are cut to the same dimensions to balance the distinction between horizontal and vertical forces. Infill panels of horizontal siding, latice and plate glass are used within the heavy grided frame, while the entrance is marked by a sloping shed roof over the carport and entry court.

(click to enlarge)
The ends of the beams are carried past the ends of the house in flying extensions that contrast the vertical lines of the natural forces.
(1994 West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture 1945 -1975)

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Every work of art reveals its creator, an exact image and likeness of the person who made it. Carlo Mollino

Jun 2, 2009

Design Lover: The Bauhaus Birdhouse

The Bauhaus design principle is fundamentally, "no boundaries between the crafts". So, with the end user in mind, behold the Bauhaus birdhouse. Designed in Sweden and made from solid larch wood and painted with non-toxic colours, the house stays true to principle. Intelligent design keeps the end user, the birdies, from sitting in their food and soiling it and ensures that larger birds are kept away.

Available online at The French House.

Quote of the Week - Anne Demeulemeester

I don't do black because it's in. I do it because it's one of my favourite colours.
Anne Demeulemeester

10 Things You Should Know About Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino
  1. Mollino, in collaboration with his friend Mario Damonte, designed the aerodynamic 1955 Damolnar Bisiluro racing car which was to go on and hold the 750cc category record at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.
  2. He was a pilot, a racing car driver, an expert downhill skier, an important photographer, an artist, a fashion designer, an author, a dabbler in the occult, an international traveler and an erotomaniac.
  3. Most of his architecture has been demolished or left to decay. After it ceased working, his unique cableway station for skiers in the Alps at Lago Nero was left to fall apart. Squatters soon moved in and used the interiors for firewood.
  4. Alpine architecture and territorial planning were so important to him that he set up the Istituto di Architettura Montana (Institute for Mountain Architecture).
  5. He began to race cars seriously as soon as he learned to drive.
  6. In the final years before his death in 1973 his preferred photographic medium was the Polaroid.
  7. Mollino personalized sandals designed by Bruno Magli and made by Italo Bruschi by adding strass brooches. The sandals are now part of the collection of Museo Casa Mollino.
  8. The bedroom, according to Mollino, was the 'erotic chamber' and thus only Louis XV furnishings were suitable. He believed that eighteenth century designers were the only ones who, 'knew how to wrap a woman in desire, giving the furnishings of the room the same grace as her own softly curving body...'
  9. An avid inventor, he held 15 patents in various fields including, but not limited to, drafting, interior design, building products, automobile related devices, and everyday objects such as a cigar lighter and the 'clothing protector fairing to bicycles'.
  10. 317 butterflies were arrayed in rows in front of his bed.
The Bisiluro

Further Reading:
Brino, Giovanni. 2005. Carlo Mollino: Architecture As Autobiography. New York: Thames & Hudson

May 27, 2009

7 Sandals for Men: How To Wear Them Well

  • No socks.
  • Keep them clean with soap and water.
  • Flip flops aka thongs should be seen in three places: the beach, public showers and the spa.
  • Toenails can be a real turn off if not properly cared for. Go ahead and pamper yourself.
  • If wearing with trousers make sure you're not stepping on your hem.

1. Marsell
2. Anne Demeulemeester

3. Camper
4. Raf Simons

5. John Varvatos

6. Mexican Huraches

7. Bruno Bordese

May 26, 2009

Quote of the Week - Mary McFadden

A hotel room is just a place to sleep. However, as soon as I arrive, I do order Champagne and Perrier.
Mary McFadden

The Style Quiz 3

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
What year are the collections below from?
Comme des Garçons
Yves Saint Laurent Blumarine Genny Moschino Galliano Thierry Mugler Answer posted on June 5th.
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May 25, 2009

Vintage Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin Men

Photos of My New Studio Space

A 1910 heritage building, zero capital and a storage locker full of vintage goodies. I've shot one of the blank walls so you can see the mint green I have to deal with. I think I'm going to cover the entire thing with collected art work and vintage rock posters.

images stacy reynaud

May 24, 2009

Best Scenes Begin at 3:10

Heaven (Fully Flared Intro Video Remix)

Mesmerizing music by UNKLE set to an extraordinary re-edited sequence of shots from the Spike Jonze and Ty Evans film Fully Flared.

My favourite shot is at 4:54.

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May 20, 2009

RIP Arthur Erickson

MacBlo Building - Vancouver BC
image Stacy Reynaud

Canadian modernist architect Arthur Erickson passed away May 20th, 2009 at the age of 84.

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