Sep 17, 2012

4 Good Things About Last Weekend

Capilano Canyon hike

Finding The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes at the library

paying a whopping $1.75 for a vintage Coach bag, an antique Dietz lantern and a 1926 Vogue poster at a church flea market

mastering the recipe for this sweet potato burger (I baked it at 450 for 20 minutes on each side)

Inspiration - Doors in the West End

Next to the mantle piece, the front door is probably one of the most popular backdrops for family photos. It is also the first impression your home makes on visitors and passersby. I like to think of the front door as the gate keeper that both guards and greets. Sprucing up your front door can be an economical way to add some zest to your home or, don't make me say it -> curb appeal.Some things to consider when planning for your front door redo:
  • give your door its own special character such as, but not limited to, a contrasting colored trim, French tile numbers, or a brass lion's head knocker
  • bushes, plants or vines such as honeysuckle not only add a welcoming scent but also soften any imposing lines leading to your door
  • your door should be of the same period or style as your home
  • if your front door is actually on the side or around the back, a path, canopy or entrance courtyard indicate this is the way to the main entrance
  • your front door is an extension of you and your family. It welcomes visitors into the home you've created out of a house.
A selection of front doors from Vancouver's West End:

Originally published July 7, 2009

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Sep 15, 2012

Enjoy Your Weekend

31 Things I Will Not Wear

'by me age 10'

Fashion week always makes me hate fashion. I can't look anymore - what's with these 'street' style photos I'm being bombarded with from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week? That's not 'street' style - those people are posers (they are dressed that way to get their photo taken) or worse yet, models planted by designers for marketing. Anyway, what this post is supposed to be about is what I will never wear. You know, those things that are wonderful on other people but can't touch me with a fifty foot pole. I'd like to add that I wear numerous items I can guarantee a lot of folks would never wear (ie Birkenstock Arizonas ).
  1. denim skirts
  2. red - makes me feel like Kelly Bundy -  red lipstick is ok
  3. corduroy
  4. a beige Burberry/George Costanza trench coat - any other color would be fine
  5. high tops - same issue with Mary Janes
  6. fur
  7. plaid fitted button up shirts
  8. cotton lycra
  9. yoga pants - hey, I practice yoga I just don't wear the pants
  10. ringer t-shirts
  11. overdyed denim with bright orange seams/disco jeans
  12. ass pants - those tight ass flare bottom downtown office lady pants
  13. Mary Janes - they accentuate my lack of ankles
  14. sheath dresses - not flattering on me
  15. 1950s - so beautiful on some women but so unflattering on me
  16. a tube top - nobody should wear a tube top
  17. felt or anything with felt applique
  18. 'flesh' tone nylons
  19. blush - 'Hi, I'm Adam Ant!'
  20. a 'blow dry' style - just because I'm blond doesn't mean I want to look like I broadcast the news
  21. cow print- think about it
  22. zebra print - is that cow print?
  23. tall cowboy boots - usually too tight on my calves anyway - I like the ankle boots though
  24. baseball cap as a fashion accessory
  25. big hoop earrings
  26. princess sleeves - I'm too old. Empress sleeves would be a different story
  27. acid wash - didn't wear it in the 80s either
  28. wrap around sunglasses - Karl Lagerfeld style sunglasses
  29. any advertising I'm not being paid for
  30. shorts
  31. anything tight and white

Sep 14, 2012

You and I are of the Same Persuasion

Therefore, I recommend reading this book, this weekend.
Being of a different mindset than the rest of the United States, Northern California, Oregon and Washington (Cascadia to those in the know) separate from the rest of the country creating an environmental utopia. Most of what the author proposes can happen - some of which already has.  Where should we start?

I bought my used copy (in good old Ecotopian fashion) in Vancouver at Macleod's Books. He had one more copy - ask for it. You can also buy it here.

Sep 10, 2012

10 Boots for Men - Fall Winter 2012



Dr. Martens


Fiorentini and Baker


paul smith



Sep 8, 2012

In his bag you will find

In all fairness I grabbed the bag from him last night (no staging allowed) and he had stuff for a weekend event in it - hence big camera. I was surprised there weren't any little papers (receipts, candy wrappers, etc) he usually leaves a trail of them.
The bag is a vintage Frye messenger.

Sep 7, 2012

A New Architecture for the Pacific Northwest

 The Rondette, 1967
  • can be built on any site, in any climate
  • customizable and interchangeable walls, windows and doors
  • 'packaged' structure
  • can be used singly or expanded with the addition of other units
  • available in four models, from an eight-sided 335 s.f. 'efficiency' unit to a 12-sided 775 s.f. unit
  • nine-sided one bedroom unit shown comes with a redwood deck
  • elevated on poles to protect the forest floor
Did you know that a single footstep in one of Oregon's coastal forests is taken on the backs of sixteen thousand invertebrates and that one square metre of temperate forest soil can contain as many as two million creatures representing a thousand species?

Sep 4, 2012

The Wind