How To Wear A Sweater

Treat it properly and a good sweater can last you a life time.
Here are some tips:
  1. Don't put your sweater on a hanger. It stretches it.
  2. Don't put your sweater in the dryer. You think this would be common sense.
  3. Don't throw your sweater on the floor. It'll get fuzzies and you'll glow under black light.
  4. Don't buy acrylic. It pills, stretches and lasts about a week.
  5. Only buy cashmere from a trusted source. I have 40 year old vintage cashmere sweaters that look better than ones I've bought today. Cashmere should rarely pill. It wears better if you hand wash it or delicate machine it with gentle shampoo and flat towel dry.
  6. Fix snags in your sweater with a crochet hook or other pointed object. Grab the snag from inside the sweater and pull it back in.
How Not To Wear Your Sweater
A great Raf Simons sweater, however, a fit like this should be reserved for jersey knit. Remember your sweater is not a wrapper and you're not a sausage.

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