Feb 14, 2010

Dealing with Drunk Guests

It's your party and your guests are your responsibility. Be attentive and don't get drunk yourself. There are a few things you can do to try and curtail the guest that over drinks:

  1. You should mix your guests' drinks.
  2. If a guest proceeds to the bar to make his/her own drink go with them and ask them to grab the ice, mix or whatever while you pour the drink.
  3. Avoid having more than one bottle of liquor visible.
  4. Make it obvious you use a jigger to pour drinks and hand it to your guest before he/she pours their own.
  5. When it is obvious a guest has had too much to drink don't offer him/her any more. 50% of the time they'll get mad. There will always be someone there to assist you in dealing with them. They usually get embarrassed then sit down and be quiet.
  6. If your guest has drank so much that he/she is going to pass out have two or three other guests assist you in taking them to a bed to sleep it off overnight. If they have a spouse or guest with them offer them accommodation as well or offer them a safe ride home.
  7. Always have coffee, tea, soft drinks, water or juice available.
  8. You are responsible and liable for your guests. You are responsible for seeing that a drunk guest is taken home. Ask a good friend, take him/her yourself if they live nearby, or call a cab, give directions and pay for it. I've been to some parties where it's mandatory for you to drop your keys in a bowl before you're allowed to enter.
  9. Don't invite people over who are unable to control their liquor

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