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Nov 14, 2012

Last Weekend

Design After Hours
Friday night was a trip to Chinatown to visit, Night Riders - A Design Exhibition for After Hours.
I bought some gorgeous amethyst earrings from Rukus
Rachel and Stacy Reynaud
The event was held at the Angelus Novus studio - a great space.
Saturday Morning Northern Flickr
Saturday, bright and early, we headed over to an estate sale at the Baker Residence (Peter Faulkner Smith architect - the home owner's brother) one of the outstanding homes noted in the West Vancouver Survey of Significant Architecture.
Baker Residence
I'll be heading over once everything is said and done to shoot the interior. Excited about this. It's a gorgeous home. You should see the kitchen - all original!

H Faulkner Smith
We picked up some H. Faulkner Smith water colours and Rachel and Eddie scored an oil and some amazing mid-century bent plywood dining chairs (which you can see in the dining room window in the photo above. H Faulkner Smith

buck a chair chairs
I picked these four chairs up two weekends ago at a church sale but forgot to share them with you. They were $1 each and will be used around my unstained pine deck table.
Belgian Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Sunday was lazy. I was craving my favourite chocolates from my favourite chocolatier.
so we headed over to Lonsdale Quay grabbed a coffee and chowed down some Belgian dark chocolate peanut butter cups and dark chocolate salted caramel(the breakfast of champions).
  Belgian Salted Caramel
Belgian Chocolate Salted Caramel at Olde World Fudge, Lonsdale Quay (the best in the city)
mid-century bent plywood dining chairs before
Monday was spent on our deck restoring the six bent plywood chairs from the estate sale (Check out Fifty Chairs That Changed the World)).
restoring the chairs

restored chairs
The finished product.

Oct 29, 2012

A favourite place for inspiration in Vancouver

check out that front door

chandelier bits

vintage doors - great for tables

army canteens and weather instruments
plant skeletons

Heritage Home Supplies - 3662 West 4th Ave.

Oct 12, 2012

I went looking for jeans and found 145K art instead

Tuesday was a great day, number one - it was the first day I hadn't had a headache in a month, and number two, I stumbled upon an exhibition of BC Binning, Karel Appel and Alexander Calder paintings - for sale. As I was starting my search for jeans on South Granville, I walked by a space with a midcentury Danish modern living room set in the window and backtracked - then I caught a glimpse of a BC Binning piece on the wall, and in I went. I was greeted by Kate Barron, the gallery manager, who let me wander around in peace. The further into the space I got, the more I was blown away by the exhibit's calibre of art. When I reached the back of the room and saw a Binning work that I'd previously only seen in books, I couldn't handle it anymore; I had to ask Kate what the heck was going on.

The current exhibition is entitled 'ABC: Outlining Abstraction.' What should we expect from it?

Everyone who comes to visit us should expect to see a world-class exhibition. We have three artists from three different countries, painting abstract art in their own way. The show is full of bright colours and hung in a salon style, forcing viewers to interact with the works rather than simply walking a circle around our gallery. The show, our collection speaks for itself, and so far, everyone who has come in has had his or her expectations surpassed.

Can you tell us a little about what thoughts went into curating this show? How was it pulled together?

We thought for a long time about having this show and which artists and pieces we would put together. Our goal was to use artists that we believe in, strong, international and work together smartly. It was literally pulled out of our collection, which should speak to how strong the collection of The Art Emporium really is.

You'd mentioned that Karel Appel is proving to be the stand out attraction of the show. Why do you think he is and not Vancouver's favourite BC Binning?

BC Binning is almost always a favourite; he’s sort of a local hero, but we’ve seen his work at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Auction Houses, and other galleries. Karel Appel isn’t seen every day in Vancouver. I can’t think of anyone who has the collection of first-rate Appel’s that we do. His work feels current, interesting and very different than anything being shown in the city right now. I think it’s interesting but not surprising that Karel Appel is a standout because his work is powerful and timeless.

This is The Art Emporium's first exhibition in 20 years. Why?

To clarify, this was the first opening we've had in 20 years and a large-scale exhibition. Still, in 2010, during the Olympics, Merete Kristiansen (former gallery manager) hung a great exhibition on historical Canadian masters.

We’ve been focused on building art collections for private collectors, and our clients generally appreciate that we’re low-key and a little more casual than other galleries. Our gallery is always open to the public Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm, and we love having visitors, but we’re a little hidden from the street. Torben Kristiansen, the owner and head dealer at The Art Emporium, has done a wonderful job building our world-class collection, and we’re constantly told that we should have shown because it’s not fair to keep what we have a secret. We also wanted to take a stand for “Gallery Row.” There have been a few galleries that have left Granville, and we’re saying, hey, wait a minute, Granville has built this reputation for a reason, and there’s still amazing art to be seen here. Galleries have left, but more have stayed on Granville and those that have, are in great company.

Galleries seem to be vacating 'Gallery Row' on South Granville. Where should we go to see up and coming talent now?

Firstly, “Gallery Row” is still one of the best places to see up and coming talent, but we’re fortunate in Vancouver to have Gastown, Main St and East Vancouver hosting such wonderful emerging talent too. I use online resources like The Art Market to find new artists and shows and make a point to visit studios during the East Side Culture Crawl, etc.

If you could recommend a local artist for us to invest in now, who would it be?

Just one…?!? Ahh, there are so many great artists in Vancouver, Jessica Bell, Yared Nigussu, Fiona Ackerman, Sarah Gee, Zoe Pawlak, Nick Lepard, and Brian Boulton … to name a few. Because of my budget and taste, I collect mostly emerging artists in my own collection. I wish I had more walls for the talent that we have in Vancouver and throughout Canada. 

Are there any other shows lined up for 2012?

Nothing planned as of yet… but you never know. I would love us to start producing two or three powerful exhibitions each year.

I always hear of these multi-million dollar hidden collections in Vancouver homes, businesses, and underground tunnels. The Art Emporium has been around since the late 19th Century (and is Vancouver's oldest gallery). Your catalogue must be huge! Would you care to divulge approximately how many pieces there are in the collection?

Ha Ha, no! We do have a large inventory – that’s no secret. Torben has been collecting for 50 years; use your imagination… and then double that.

If you could curate your dream exhibition, what would it be?

Honestly, ABC: Outlining Abstraction has been a dream come true for me. The works are strong, cohesive, colourful and first-rate; you can’t ask for much more than that. My dream would be to curate a powerful group show made up of emerging talent mixed in with very established artists, with each holding their own.

The show ends Saturday, October 13th so go check it out while you can - 2928 Granville St.

You know, I never ended up continuing on my search for jeans that day and ladies, you can relate to this; it probably would've ruined what was turning out to be a perfect day anyway.

images © Christopher Thorn and Kate Barron

Sep 14, 2012

You and I are of the Same Persuasion

Therefore, I recommend reading this book, this weekend.
Being of a different mindset than the rest of the United States, Northern California, Oregon and Washington (Cascadia to those in the know) separate from the rest of the country creating an environmental utopia. Most of what the author proposes can happen - some of which already has.  Where should we start?

I bought my used copy (in good old Ecotopian fashion) in Vancouver at Macleod's Books. He had one more copy - ask for it. You can also buy it here.

Jul 31, 2012

From a day in the winter

Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
Ambleside Beach Winter Driftwood Artist
English Bay may have their rock balancing guy but over here in West Van we have late night driftwood stacking person. The past three winters that I've lived here I've awoken to a morning beach transformed over night into a driftwood art exhibition. These photos are all from one morning's walk along Ambleside Beach. They spanned the entire length of the beach. On my list of things to do, (along with taking up pottery), is to take up abstract oil painting so I can capture scenes like those above or this:
Ambleside Beach Winter

What's on your list of things to do?

more images here

May 25, 2012

Come One Come All

Yard Sale

The yard sale tables have turned!
1306 Bidwell Street (Vancouver's West End)
This Sunday - May 27
Dolce & Gabbana, you're invited too.

Apr 3, 2012

Last Weekend

Picked up this vintage silk screen for our washroom at the highly anticipated annual 
West Vancouver Seniors' Flea Market.

25¢ for a Kosta Boda Zoo owl.

I'm very happy with this score from the WVS Flea Market. The images were on opposite ends of the table, but I spotted them. Voila! A mountaintop panorama—and yes, they're real photos.

Wild Alaskan Halibut season has begun! We poached halibut with ginger and avocado and served coconut jasmine rice as a side. We paired it with a Pinot Blanc. 

More food goodness! The BCLDB released their Spring edition of Taste magazine. Who has picked this free magazine up? You know how good it is.

I first saw Bandit last Thursday night when we were walking home from dinner. He has the cutest sideways scamper. I was lucky enough to run into him and his pal taking a walk on Saturday afternoon. It turns out Bandit is paralyzed. He was trying to befriend a deer on Bowen Island when the deer stomped on his back, breaking it. That was four years ago. Bandit is eight. He can't move his back legs, so his paws drag, hence the booties. I hope to run into Bandit more in the neighbourhood. He has such a good spirit!


vintage Pyrex percolator coffee pot and Pyrex glass teapot

If you've been reading Bijou Living for a while, you know how much I love my coffee and my coffee maker. Whenever I find these vintage Pyrex percolators, I have to buy them—just in case I break one of mine, I'll have a backup. I bought these two at a yard sale on Saturday. The teapot has such a great design. $20 for both.

Weekend listening. Willie Nelson, Red Headed Stranger, 1975. 

These two have been living in our neighbourhood for a few years now—actually, they live next door. Last summer, one scooped up a dog from the sea walk. On Thursday, I opened my curtains to see one dive bomb and fly off with an unsuspecting seagull from the building next door. It was not a sight I wanted to see. I've heard rumblings around the building within the last 24 hours that a dog may have been scooped up again last weekend. 
Great, now I'll have anxiety strolling the seawalk.

The Wind