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Vintage Modelia


17 Things to Avoid at Work

Absence - pull your own weight. Your team will resent you if you don't.Borrowing - Neither a borrower nor a lender be.Drinking - the unwritten 'rule' is one drink at lunch if your guest is having one. If you're a light weight like me don't even bother.
Gossip - don't talk about others, you're beyond that.Gum Chewing - every time I see Johnny Depp at an event he's chewing gum and it looks terrible.Messiness - make it a habit early in your career to clean up your desk before you leave - this includes putting pens and paper clips away.Obscene Language - avoid using expletive adjectives - this may require extreme concentration.Over Zealous Office Decor - keep it simple. One or two photos of family/friends/pets, and framed professional designations. The attention should be on you not your nick nacks.
Personal Comments - don't comment on someone's appearance if they look ill or thinner or heavier. Personal Problems - keep it to yourself. You won't h…

My Current Fix

Harris Tweed
image Stacy Reynaud

Quote of the Week - Eustache Deschamps

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.

Design Lover - Tree Slab Headboard

Hudson Signature Bed
platform bed with custom slab headboard
bucquet lamps optional

Facial Fur Has Hit Paris

Looking at the photos from the Adam Kimmel after party for his Fall 2011 menswear line I thought I'd been transported to a gig in Vancouver, or Seattle or Portland. You know what that means folks...

Oh, and it looks like Extra Happy Ghost released his 1990's Braindamage just in time.

For more images go here.

Quote of the Week - Leonard Cohen

Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.

Oh look...

image Monica Feudi

Gucci is showing fuzzy mohair sweaters for Fall Winter 2011. Remember my post from December 15, 2010?

December 15, 2010

A Rather Handsome Mod Couple

circa mid 60s
on her - London Fog Maincoat, Chanel bag
on him - pinned collar, skinny tie, sexy middle finger ring, hot hair, London Fog trench
I can find these vintage London Fog coats quite easily so if you're interested in one email me and I'll try and find what you're looking for.

photo via ephemera

Style Inspiration - Vintage T-shirts a la George Carlin

My favourite is the one in the mug shot. In some larger photos it looks like two dogs with their heads back to back but who knows.
Wear with Harris Tweed.

Weekend Stuff

images Stacy Reynaud
cool men's hand knit sweater with wood buttons $13 - Burquitlam VV (in the women's section) go get it!

vintage crystal table lamp from the Salvation Army $19

my stylist JD at Suki's downtown

West Coast Modern house for rent on Palmerston in West Van - good price but obscenely huge for two people and two cats

a sweet VW

Keefer Lounge

Keefer Lounge test tube lights

I hope you had a good weekend.

We checked out Blue Valentine (oh my Ryan Gosling) on Friday night and then went for cocktails at Keefer Lounge. If you've ever been in, or are currently in, a long term relationship go see Blue Valentine - I couldn't sleep after it. Saturday was an extremely long day at the beauty parlour having the chlorine from our wonderful city water taken out of my hair (it goes green). I unexpectedly dropped by Gravity Pope to be unexpectedly greeted by the new Isabel Marant collection. I left with a top and some Filippa K trousers - that's what happens …

Is it Counterfeit?

Brad came home with a counterfeit sweater yesterday. Not to be a braggart but I knew it was counterfeit the moment he took it out of the bag.

Two obvious reasons from ten feet away:
Ralph Lauren would have never done such a terribly cut neckline
It had the metallic sheen of acrylicUp close:
The "100% cashmere" was closer in texture to 100% scouring padThe labelThe headless horsemanIt melted when we did the burn testHe bought the sweater at a Gastown consignment shop and was royally choked when I pointed out why his new $75 sweater was counterfeit. He tried to take it back. He was told their 'fabric expert' decided it was probably a cashmere acrylic blend that had mistakenly been labeled 100% cashmere. Pardon my language but WTF? Strip that person's 'expert' title just for using those two words together. While I'm at it, strip that store of their business license for selling counterfeit products and arguing with customers for wanting to return them. Now he…

Vintage Versace


Quote of the Week - Charlie Chaplin

To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.

Music and the Sense of Smell

I was deep in thought in the comfort of sauna car this evening when I realized something on the radio was taking me on a vividly pleasant journey back to a place of heavy air scented with dry ice, mildew, pot, and twenty years of spilled drinks. A small sweaty room filled with second hand leather jackets, skinny cords, running shoes and greasy hair - the mid 90s. I looked down at the face plate and it read, 1990's Brain Damage. That explained it,some '90s hour' on satellite radio and they're playing a recently discovered, unknown until now, demo track by Thurston Moore and his second cousin.

No. My vivid trip was courtesy of Extra Happy Ghost!!!. One guy. From Calgary. In 2010.

Thanks for letting me remember the 90s were really awesome, Mr. Extra Happy Ghost!!!.

play 1990's Brain Damage

Tip of the Week - Dinner Attire

mom & dad 1976
(my Grandma wrote on the back - Sonny & Edna in their best look)

Opt for midnight blue as it looks blacker under artificial light than black, which can have a greenish hue.

Men's Style Inspiration - Tom Ford

Why do I always picture Tom Ford with a short Rum & Coke?

Street Style - Don't let it Fool You

Marketers are everywhere.

Women's Style Inspiration - Stage Door 1937

The first thirty minutes of this film could be an entire collection. A must see.

What He Wore

On Christmas BreakWalks

baggy knees, bushy beard, vintage jacket, vintage scarf, fiddler's cap

Quote of the Week - Lucille Ball

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done.

Design Lover - Ico Parisi Valet

Mid-century Italian design in solid walnut with brass hardware by Ico Parisi.Available here.
photo via 1stdibs

How I spent the last day of 2010

As expected there was a lot of good stuff to be found. Particularly menswear. I only bought the Aquascutum coat, two women's vintage Givenchy suits, a vintage 1978 men's blue leather provincial champ jacket that I visualized Ryan Gosling wearing and some sterling tear drop earrings. If I was doing the Manhattan Vintage Show in February I could've stocked up majorly - however, I do have a great idea for a 'reality' show so email me if you know anyone I can pitch to.

vintage Aquascutum Harris Tweed Overcoat
exceptional vintage pinstripe suit - look at that lining and tell me where quality has gone.

vintage Rice coat with Borg faux shearling lining

industrial chair and 1970s RCA clock radio

disgustingly good but only twice a year - Japa Dog Veggie Terrimayo (no onions)

early 60s Italian alligator pumps

vintage hand made men's shoes

1980s Stacy Adams men's ankle boots
vintage 70s Kings of Lloyd (German) men's shoes
deep in visualization mode
images Stacy Reynaud