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Best reasons to invest in an Hermes silk scarf

Number 1.
No one likes a sunburnt head or what comes off it
Number 2. You never know when your plumbing will fail
Number 3. Your Axl Rose impression just feels better done with an Hermès
Number 4. You're a classic and so is it. Hermès, LVMH and Dunhill/Rolex are some of the few luxury brands showing revenue in these 'hard economic times'
Number 5. If you decide to become a robber at least you'll be a fashionable robber. Stick 'em up...
Number 6. Playtime. Silk feels so nice on bare skin - your partner will attest to this. Stick 'em up...
Number 7. There comes a time in a woman's life when we have to lay the leopard print down and pick up the Hermès
Number 8. Grey Gardens (2008)
Number 9. You never know when you'll be whisked away in a convertible
Number 10. Whole Foods has made the Hermès scarf bag mandatory (see the video below)

Can Diesel Save Viktor & Rolf?

With Diesel denim brand's Renzo Rosso taking a controlling stake in Viktor & Rolf we may see a resurfacing made by the floundering Dutch duo.
Rosso's Italian holding company, Only the Brave, also controls Dsquared, Maison Martin Margiela and Sophia Kokosalaki and manufactures Vivienne Westwood's lines.

Shots from Viktor & Rolf's uncomfortably embarrassing F/W 2008 show from

Burberry Top 5 Fall Winter Entry Level

I've already touted Burberry Prorsum's Mens' FW 2008 line and with their first quarter total revenue already up by 22% I'm sure we're going to see even a larger increase for the duration of 2008.  I'd argue that their accessory line is motivating this increase.   Strategically, Burberry is on the right path.  Entry level luxury brand consumers can approach the line through its accessories and become loyal followers as their income grows.  Here are my picks for Burberry's entry level consumer: The paisley scarf  Classically sophisticated and unisex The cap The toque (beenie, winter cap) The fingerless glove  The tote  Not as entry level as the others but a good investment for an heirloom piece Photos: Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2008 Inspiration: The paintings of L.S. Lowry
L.S. Lowry

FENDI Top 5 Picks for Fall Winter '08

I'm loving the return of the 80s fashion - the darker, more Gothic 80s. Nothing beats a pair of opaque black tights, black turtle neck, black mini and black sky high heels. A nice compliment with the Gothic Revival rising out of the interiors scene. FENDI Top 5 Pieces 1. Cable Knit t-neck sweaters 2. Bias cut mermaid skirts 3. Front slit pocket skirts 4. Handbags - finally a comeback for FENDI! (bonus points for heavy leather belts) 5. Tone on Tone ankle boots Fendi's Inspiration? Ziggy Stardust, Gary Numan (as sampled in the Fendi runway music) and the girls from the Addicted to Love video. Gary Numan note the similarity to the back drop of the Fendi F/W 08 catwalk video below Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love (1985) Ziggy Stardust We're seeing the 80s Gothic Revival look at Fendi, Alexander McQueen and Costume National - to name a few. Watch a small sample of the FENDI F/W 2008 show below. Fendi Fall Winter 2008

80s Sunglasses Revival: Oliver Goldsmith

Fashion Right on the Nose! In 1981, sunglasses designer Oliver Goldsmith launched his goggles collection - view the advert below or here.
The top five designers in 2008 inspired by Oliver Goldsmith's 1981 goggles collection: 1. Vivienne Westwood F/W 2008 2. Chanel 5018 3. Sonia Rykel F/W 2008 4. Marni F/W 2008 5. Alberta Ferretti F/W 2008 The Oliver Goldsmith 1981 goggles Collection


Burberry Men Fall Winter 2008

Finally, a mens' Fall Winter 2008 collection I like.

For you skinny legged men - be proud - this one's for you. Reflections of early 80s pregrunge. Think The CultLove album meets Bob DylanSubterranean Homesick Blues. A nice compliment with the GUCCI Fall Winter 2008 women's collection.
Watch a small snippet of the Burberry Prorsum mens' show.

The Fashion Equation

My husband is trying to understand how my work week wardrobe planning - which includes sunglasses and shoes - can be such a thought process. I taught him the 'fashion equation' early on in our relationship and it's something he has personally put to good use. It goes like this:2+2+2+5=36 Or 2 pants+2 skirts+2 blazers+5 tops = 36 different outfits when styled correctly. Imagine the possibilities when applied to each section of the color wheel - which should be within arm's length at all times. With the Fall collections slowly trickling in I'm going to devote the next few posts to my top picks for men and women. Expect some video as well as thoughts of what I think inspired the looks. Here's a teaser: Women's Trousers: Victor & Rolf stove pipe
Balenciaga stove pipe
Gaulthier wide leg Skirts: FENDI front slit pockets Dresses: GUCCI
GaulthierSonia Rykiel Tops: GUCCI Chloé Handbags: FENDI the 80s inspired over the shoulder clutch
GUCCI the cut velvet from the Hysteria Co…

Vintage Film and Fashion Part 2

A film that could spark some inspiration is the British horror flick Psychomania (1971). Tight leather, vintage British motorcycles, great hair styles and tripped out music. Be warned this is a cheesy movie! Kitschy, campy, over the top movie night pandemonium. The flick is about a gang of bikers, The Living Dead, who commit suicide to come back as a zombie gang. There's a frog with a lead role that is quite quizzical. Watch this trailer of The Living Dead terrorizing a shopping centre. The Mom in the hot pants slash jumpsuit and go-go boots is worth it.

I don't know whose personal style is better - Johnny Alucard from Dracula AD 72 or Tom Latham from Psychomania.

Tom from Psychomania inspiration - Yves Saint Laurent F/W 2008
Johnny Alucard from Dracula AD 72
inspiration: ETRO F/W 2008

Mercedes a Luxury Biofuel Ride

I've been considering buying a 1970s Mercedes 300D to run on biodiesel.  I don't want to spend much and would use it as a commuter or to simply show off.  I love the 70s sedan styling, leather interior, the wood panel dash and the chrome bumpers.  These vehicles have also been known to possess drivers with Grey Poupon accents - one of life's finer pleasures, of course. 
photo from RanWhenParked

New York in Pen & Ink Matteo Pericoli

Matteo Pericoli's Grammy nominated album design Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs

I loved pop up books as a child.

When I recently discovered that the artist of one of my favourite album covers was also a published author, designer and architect I had to dig deeper.

Matteo Pericoli captures New York City in pen and ink. His first published book, Manhattan Unfurled, Random House (2001) contains fifteen hundred buildings and nineteen bridges that unfold into two 37 foot scrolls of the East and West Sides of the Manhattan skyline. A young person's version is also available under the title, See the City: the journey of Manhattan Unfurled, Knopf for Young Readers (2004). In this version, Pericoli adds simple text and hand-drawn labels, telling young readers how he created his drawing. He also encourages kids to 'draw everything'. Manhattan Unfurled Random House (2001)
In 2007, Pericoli completed Skyline of the World, a 397 foot panoramic mural for American Airlines' n…

A Design Conundrum

$950 USD at Unica

The Dolce & Gabbana Mademoiselle armchair by Philippe Starck for Kartell - a case of purposeful SEO, insecure branding or narcissism - you decide.

Whichever way, still a very good look when set amongst 1970s red leather parlor chairs and a vintage industrial table fromGet Back, Inc.

Tree Spheres - Micro Compact Vacation Rentals

Tree Spheres by Tom Chudleigh

First spotted by Italian ELLE Decor in 2007 (Aprile 2007 N.4 pg 102) and now available for vacation rental - Tom Chudleigh's Tree Spheres at Qualicum Beach, British Columbia (you may remember my post on the White Ravens of Qualicum Beach). These micro compact homes are suspended from the forest or any other solid object - like a rock face or building.
Chudleigh describes them:
'The spheres are all about unity and oneness. Architecture is a way of shaping and creating habitat to reflect a feeling and to harmonize with the environment.The sphere is a form of architecture that reflects that thought and feeling of oneness.Where normal square/rectangular housing separates walls, floor and ceiling with hard lines and often color and material changes – in a sphere they all become one.' What a magical place to spend a night on your way to Cathedral Grove or Tofino.
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Ann Demeulemeester FW 2008 Collection

You can never have too many coats or boots. As long as you have quality, cut and class your investment can last a life time - if not more. What I like about Ann Demeulemeester's Fall 2008-2009 collection is her draping and tapering of fine wools and silks to create an Annie Hall meets Boy Blue in big boots.  

Top 5 Ways To Disappoint Vogue Readers

The July cover of American Vogue is off brand and tabloid like.
Top 5 disappointments: 'The Price is Right - Strategies for shopping the trends on a budget''Cost Effective Beauty and Fitness''PREGNANCY UPDATE!'The red fontJulia Roberts and George ClooneyI thought Vogue was about fashion not trends.  If I want trends and budget shopping advice I'll read InStyle.   Related Posts Vogue Editor Earns Biggest Fashion Faux Pas You Think You Know Fashion? The Quiz

Designer Homes On The Market

The Saarinen House The Eero Saarinen Family Home was listed last December and looks to be still on offer here. For a small $3.2 million you can enjoy this modern piece of history and the gorgeous views it offers. According to the listing, rentals are permissible. Another listing that's caught my eye is the Robert Welch Home. I first saw the Mayorcas & Guest designed home in Taschen's 70s Decorative Art (pgs 82-85)and searched it out online. The home was listed here on June 18th so you better get it while you can - for $1.9 million.
Mayorcas & Guest on the edge of the Cotswolds

Trends - Graffiti in Interiors

Verona by Anna James
I was never allowed to take art classes in school - not to worry I make a living as a creative now -so when my parents gave "the kids" our own room in our unfinished basement it was as if I had my first orgasm -  I called it The Punk Room.  The Punk Room was a box of unfinished concrete, it had a black plastic tarp doorway, a black light and enough neon highlighters for every neighbourhood kid and their cousin.  I covered the walls in graffiti and had a forgotten about pastel Oriental rug on the floor. It was 1984 and I was inspired by everything "out of the ordinary" particularly goth hair and men wearing eyeliner in British bands...

Inspired by the graffiti in Verona, Italy, Anna James has transformed 20th Century furniture into contemporary works of art. 
I think her pieces in Verona and Romeo and Juliet are fabulous and I'd love to see them in a boutique hotel.
Inspirational seating - The bench at Viretta Park, aka Kurt's Park in Seattl…

The Torrid Latin Shoe Affair

The Spanish Lover Balenciaga Facet Strap Sandal
I've fallen in love for the second time. The first time was 1986 and it surmounted in a rather torrid summer love triangle between my Mexican love, Huarache and my Spanish love, Espadrille.
Upon a recent blitz to Scottsdale, Arizona (stay at Mondrian) we were reunited.
Within no time, another torrid Latin affair. Huarache comforts me during the day while my new Spanish love, Balenciaga, whets my appetite at night.

Huarache prefers walks on the beach while Balenciaga prefers running amuck.
The Mexican Lover Huarache Sandal

How to camp in style

DeLuxe 16 pc Plastic Cutlery Set
available at Moss

I prefer my campfire marshmallows à la crème brûlée, my picnic table draped in gingham and my cutlery brought from home -  every year we reuse the same plastic stuff picked up at some McDonald's along the way.  
If only Mickey D's could bring on Donata Paruccini and Fabio Bortolani to design their cutlery my camping decor would be a lot more chic - after all they're carrying iced coffee now aren't they...
On that note, do you think I should commission Philippe Starck to design a wiener/veggie dog roaster or should I keep relying on my Dad's design staple; Sonny's Unpainted Wire Hanger Wiener Roaster 1975?

West Coast Modernism going going gone

McNab Residence photo West Vancouver Museum

Vancouver is full of Modernist architectural gems - many of which are being demolished and replaced with pink marble and glass and constitute a whole other post.
The work of Duncan McNab, one of BC's 'lesser known modernists', may fall victim to the wrecking ball simply because of his lack of flamboyancy. Sometimes lost among the West Coast Modernist name droppings of Arthur Erickson and Ron Thom, McNab stands out with his clear, simple European and some may argue Japanese influences.
McNab photo West Vancouver Museum